Board Meeting Highlights

Board Meeting Highlights

Last Updated: 5/18/18

Eugene Southtowne Foundation Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

May 3, 2018 Meeting Minutes

Members Present: Susie Hanner, Brena Anderson, Linda Anderson, Glen Brigham, Kathi Hoffer, Nancy Meyer, Walt Meyer, Travis Misfeldt, John Pfanner, Bruce Shaw, Debbie Snow, Ted Stevens and Scott Wilber.

Guest Present: Matt Adams, Patric Miller and Leslie Parker.

1. Call to Order: The meeting was called to order at 5:35 PM by President Susie Hanner.

2. Why I’m in Rotary: Linda Anderson shared that she was looking for a way to be involved in the community. Years before she had been a member of Junior League and had enjoyed the service work with that organization. Her daughter suggested that she consider Rotary. She reported that she is very glad that she joined Southtowne.

3. Minutes of April Board Meeting: It was moved by Scott Wilber, seconded by John Pfanner and carried unanimously to approve the Minutes of the April 2018 Board meeting. Following the adoption of this motion, Nancy Meyer reported that she learned at the District Training Assembly that Robert’s Rules of Order no longer request “seconds” to motions.

4. Treasurer’s Report:

a. April Financial Statement: Copies of the Statement were emailed to board members in advance of the meeting. Treasurer, Scott Wilber, asked for questions on the report. In response to a question about the current liability for literacy from the sale of Moldovan art, Scott asserted that the revenue assigned to this project by the Southtowne Foundation was too high. He asked for a detailed accounting of how the Foundation arrived at the amount ($2,671) that it forwarded to the Club for this purpose. In Steve Hutchinson’s absence, Ted Stevens shared some information, but not enough to satisfy Scott. As a result, Susie volunteered to ask Steve about this matter. At the conclusion of this discussion, it was moved by Glen Brigham to approve the April Financial Statement. This motion passed with Scott Wilber abstaining.

b. Funds for Non-Traditional Scholarships: The Foundation’s desire to shift the responsibility for the administration of non-traditional scholarships to the Club prompted a discussion about the approach used by the Club to track its annual budget. By tradition, any money budgeted but not spent by the Club in a specific year is not carried forward to the following year in the same budgeted line item. Rather, it is assigned to the category “Fund Balance – General” and, hence, is not automatically available for that purpose in the next year. Scott asserted that one of the functions of the Southtowne Foundation was to hold funds that need to be available during more than one budget year. After discussion amongst Board members on this topic, it was concluded that there needs to be a full discussion and agreement on the respective roles and responsibilities of the Southtowne Foundation and the Club regarding the holding and administration of available resources for scholarships and services.

c. Late Member Dues and Penalty Fee: It was reported that there has been some progress made on the collection of late member dues. Following this report, the problems associated with assessing and collecting penalties for late payment of dues was discussed. To resolve this matter, it was moved by Nancy Meyer to drop all penalties for the late payment of member dues, effective July 1, 2018. This motion carried with two members (Debbie Snow and Ted Stevens) voting “no.” Following the approval of this motion, the question was asked, how will we contact members who are not engaged and in arrears in the payment of their dues? Glen Brigham reminded other Board members that responsibility for reaching out to members due to poor engagement rests with the Membership/Engagement Committee. (Question for further discussion: Should the Board continue to be responsible for outreach in response to the late payment of dues?)

5. Old Business:

a. Governance Proposals – Proposals #3 and #4:

(1) Proposal #3: It was moved by Walt Meyer and carried unanimously to approve the following governance proposal, as amended by the insertion of an example to clarify the intent of the proposal: “Service directors should track the budgetary progress of their committees. Directors should report to the board needs for more funds in a particular service area, unexpected losses, or the need to shift funds from one service area to another. (For example, from Local Community Services to Youth Services.) The service director might appoint an advisory committee to aid in this process.”

(2) Proposal #4: It was moved by Walt Meyer and carried unanimously to approve the following governance proposal, as amended by expanding its scope to include all service areas rather than just local and international services: “The board shall set the budget for all service areas based upon the requests by committees to provide services and the goals developed by the board. Service directors will gather requests from their committees for funds, present the rationale for the funds, including the positive results expected and any dissenting viewpoints. All this information will be used by the board in reaching a final decision.”

b. Classifications: Susie Hanner shared information received from Rotary International regarding classifications. In short, RI still requires the use of classifications. As a result, Southtowne cannot dump their use, as authorized by the Board at its April meeting. It was moved by Walt Meyer to rescind the motion concerning member classifications passed at the April 2018 Board meeting and, instead, authorize the Club’s Engagement Secretary to use a member’s job as his or her classification.

6. New Business:

a. Rule of 85 Request for Bert Toepel: It was moved by Scott Wilber and carried unanimously to approve Bert’s Rule of 85 request.

b. Paul Harris Fellows for Bremmers: The Bremmers have served as hosts for several of Southtowne’s Rotary Youth Exchange students. It was moved by Scott Wilber to present them with Paul Harris Fellowships as a way of thanking and honoring them for their support to this important Rotary program. This motion was adopted unanimously.

c. 2018 Rotary Raffle: John Pfanner shared information on the schedule for this year’s Rotary Raffle campaign. The kickoff event/dinner will be held on August 23rd. The United Rotary Clubs of Lane County (URC), the organizers of the Raffle, hopes that local clubs will cancel their meetings the week of August 21st and encourage their members to attend the kickoff event. While wishing to support the Raffle and the work of the URC, concerns were expressed about canceling the Club’s weekly meeting, especially in light of our contractual obligations for lunches. By consensus, it was decided to hold a Club meeting that week, but to encourage members to attend the Raffle kickoff event on August 23.

d. Preparations for 2018-19: Walt Meyer reported on two items, as follows:

(1) Members’ Committee Preferences: He wants to learn members’ desires for committee assignments for the next Rotary Year. He asked Board members to update the committee lists, as displayed in the SpinOff, to reflect current assignments. He shared that he plans to send a p-mail to all members soliciting their committee assignment preferences for 2018-19. Since he assumes that most members will want to continue with their current assignments, having the lists in the SpinOff accurate will help going forward.

(2) Budget Development Schedule: Walt shared that he plans to present a draft budget to the Board at its June meeting, with the goal of adopting it at the July Board meeting.

(3) District Grants for 2018-19: Directors were reminded that June 1 is the hard deadline for the submission of District (DDF) Grant applications. It was noted that Southtowne routinely submits two applications, one for local community services and the second for international services. While both grants are normally funded by District, if funds are short and only one grant can be secured, it has been the Club’s policy to alternate first and second priority designations between local and international services. For 201819, it was agreed that local community services will have first priority for DDF funding.

e. Consideration of Applications for Membership: Glen Brigham reported that the membership applications of applicants – Josh Frank and Molly Henshaw – are ready for Board action. First, it was moved by Kathi Hoffer to approve Josh Frank’s application for membership. This motion was adopted unanimously. Second, it was moved by Scott Wilber to approve Molly Henshaw’s membership application. This motion was also adopted unanimously.

f. Funds for 4-Way Speech Contest: It was reported that District 5110 is asking clubs participating in the 4-Way Speech Contest to contribute $150 to help the District fund the prizes for the winners. Debbie Snow reported that these funds were not included in the Club’s current year budget. She also shared that funds were not budgeted to help cover the costs for our speech contest winner to attend the District Conference. Fortunately, for us, Zac’s costs for attending the Conference are being covered by his family. Going forward, Debbie was advised to ask that upwards of $1,000 be budgeted by the Club for expenses associated with the 4-Way Speech Contest. Regarding the District’s current request for $150, it was moved by Scott Wilber and carried unanimously to authorize the payment of $150 to the District for 4-Way Speech Contest expenses with the understanding that a stern letter be sent with this check expressing concern about the timing and lack of prior notice about this contest fee. Debbie agreed to write this letter on behalf of the Club.

g. Agenda Items Held Over to the June Board Meeting: Due to the length of the meeting, the following agenda items were not addressed and will be considered at the June Board meeting:

(1) Travis’ comments about the management of Southtowne Foundation’s endowment fund.

(2) Corporate memberships in Southtowne.

(3) District’s emergency response policy.

7. Next Meeting and Adjournment: It was announced that the June Board meeting will be held on Thursday, June 14, at a location to be announced. There being no further business, Susie Hanner declared the meeting adjourned at 7:10 PM.

Respectfully submitted, Ted Stevens, Recording Secretary



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