Board Meeting Highlights

Board Meeting Highlights

Last Updated: 1/25/18

2017-18 Board of Directors

January 4, 2018 Meeting Minutes

Members Present: Susie Hanner, Linda Anderson, Glen Brigham, Kathi Hoffer, Steve Hutchinson, Sarah Mellgren, John Pfanner, Bruce Shaw, Debbie Snow, Ted Stevens and Scott Wilber.

1. Call to Order: The meeting was called to order at 5:40 PM by President Susie Hanner.

2. Why I’m in Rotary: Steve Hutchinson shared why he is a Rotarian. He confessed that he joined for the opportunity to network with some of the movers and shakers in the community. He reported that he stayed because of the service being provided by Rotary, especially locally. He observed that you can do almost anything you want to do through Rotary, and gave a plug to the large number of Rotary Action Groups that are organized around specific interests.

3. Minutes of December 7, 2017 Board Meeting: Scott Wilber asked that the minutes be corrected to show that he was in attendance. Moved by Scott Wilber, seconded by Kathi Hoffer, and carried unanimously to approve the Minutes of the December 7th Board meeting, as corrected.

4. Treasurer’s Report – December Financial Statement: Copies of the December Financial Statement were emailed to board members several days in advance of the meeting. Treasurer, Scott Wilber, responded to questions posed by Debbie Snow. Regarding meals served to Students of the Month and their family members, Scott agreed to move the charges for these meals from the general Lunch expense line to the Student of the Month expense line. This matter prompted a discussion of the proper process for authorizing the payment of expenses from the Club’s budget. It was agreed that the Director with responsibility over a specific area of service should be the one authorizing payment. Thus, Club members with invoices for payment or receipts for reimbursements, should get approval from the relevant Director before presenting the items to the Club Treasurer for payment. Following this discussion, it was moved by Glen Brigham, seconded by Sarah Mellgren, and carried to approve the December Financial Statement, with Scott Wilber abstaining.

5. Old Business:

a. Green Bag Project: It was announced that this project will launch on March 1, 2018. Food for Lane County is scheduled to present to the Club that day. Part of its presentation will include an explanation of the project. As a reminder, participants in this program will be given specially-printed shopping bags. They will be asked to put one non-perishable food item in the bag when they do their weekly food shopping. These bags will be collected every two months, with all of the donated food going to Food for Lane County. The purpose of the program is to provide a year-round source of non-perishable food to the food bank. There is a 20-minute DVD on the Green Bag Project in Ashland, Oregon, the birth place of this project. It is highly informative and worth viewing. There are several copies of the DVD currently circulated within the Club. Ask for one if you wish to watch it. Locally, this project will start with Southtowne and the Marist High School Interact Club. It is hoped that other Rotary Clubs, as well as other community groups, will choose to get involved.

b. Club Lunches: Susie Hanner reported that staff from the Vets Club, rather than enrollees in the Eugene Mission’s Life Change Program, will perform the room set-up and takedown chores for us. Regarding the providers of meals for Club lunches, Susie shared the following schedule: MLK Catering will provide lunches two times per month, and both Carte Blanche and Chef Andre will each serve one meal a month. Arrangements for meal service on the occasional fifth Thursday will be made by the Lunch Committee. Speaking of this committee, Susie announced that its members include Scott Wilber, Brena Anderson, and Cynthia Bedell. Finally, Susie announced that she is in the process of pricing compostable plates and utensils.

Following Susie’s report, Glen asked what is being done with leftover food. He stated that he is willing to transport leftovers to an agency willing to take them. Since this question did not have a ready answer, Susie asked the Lunch Committee to address it and, hopefully, find a “home” for our leftovers.

c. Leaves of Absence: First, Susie Hanner reminded members of the discussion at the December Board meeting about Debra and Don Steely’s extended stay in Africa and its impact on the Club’s attendance statistics. Second, she reported that the Club’s Engagement Secretary, Nancy Meyer, discussed this matter with District 5110’s Secretary, Lori Fleck. Lori’s advice was to count the Steely’s activities as make-ups in the Club’s records, provided that this approach is acceptable to the Club’s Board. No one objected, so this is how they will be treated for the duration of their stay.

d. “The One Award”: Susie Hanner reported that she has just finished the application nominating Terry McDonald for this award. She shared that she learned quite a lot about Terry and the amazing work that he and others are performing at St. Vincent de Paul on behalf of the citizens of Lane County.

6. New Business:

a. Money for New Programs: Susie Hanner reported that she is planning to ask the Club’s Local Community Services and World Community Services Committees to hold some funds in reserve for service projects that come to the attention of the Club in the middle of Rotary years in the future. Regarding the current Rotary year, she expressed an interest in having the Club work with Hosea Youth Services to assist with programs for the teen girls who will be housed at the new St Vincent de Paul Youth House for homeless teen girls. She will speak with the Local Committee Services Committee to see if funding for this project is available this year.

b. Rotary Raffle: First, John Pfanner reported that the Board of the United Rotary Clubs of Lane County (URC) is considering moving the dates for the Raffle back one month, so that ticket sales will be focused on the months of September and October, rather than August and September. Second, he observed that Club members strongly support the Club’s annual Wine & Salmon Festival and shared that he would like to see the same level of support and enthusiasm for the Raffle, given its focus on preventing and addressing child abuse in Lane County.

On a closely related point, he asked if the Club would be willing to help underwrite the postage costs of Burnell Ambrose’s letter campaign to raise money for the Raffle. If the URC is unwilling to cover these costs, it was the consensus of the Board that the Club should do so, up to the amount of $200. John also asked that a committee of four or five members be appointed to assist and support Burnell with his letter writing campaign. No action was taken on this latter request.

7. Next Meeting and Adjournment: It was announced that the February 1st meeting of the Board will be held at Sarah Mellgren’s home, 1495 Hionda, Eugene. There being no further business, Susie Hanner declared the meeting adjourned at 7:00 PM.

Respectively submitted:
Ted Stevens, Recording Secretary



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