Board Meeting Highlights

Board Meeting Highlights

Last Updated: 12/1/17

2017-18 Board of Directors

November 2, 2017 Meeting Minutes

Members Present: Susie Hanner, Brena Anderson, Linda Anderson, Sarah Mellgren, Nancy Meyer, Walt Meyer, Travis Misfeldt, John Pfanner, Bruce Shaw, Debbie Snow and Ted Stevens.

Guests Present: Willow Cordain and Patric Miller.

1. Call to Order: The meeting was called to order at 5:45 PM by President Susie Hanner.

2. Why I’m in Rotary: Debbie Snow shared that Rotary has “saved” her. She reported that she has found her recent relocation from Boise difficult and that being a member of Southtowne Rotary has made Eugene bearable.

3. Minutes of October 5, 2017 Board Meeting: Moved by Nancy Meyer, seconded by Debbie Snow, and carried unanimously to approve the Minutes of the October 5th Board meeting, as distributed.

4. Treasurer’s Report – August Financial Statement: In the absence of Treasurer, Scott Wilber, Susie asked if members had questions about the October financial statement emailed to board members several days in advance of the meeting. Debbie asked about the expenditures for “Membership Awards” showing in the October report. Since no one was able to explain these expenditures, Susie stated that she would ask Scott and suggested that action on the statement be deferred until the December board meeting. Board members concurred with this suggestion.

5. Old Business:

a. Club Lunches: First, Susie reported that club members are being very understanding during the search for a new lunch provider. She also thanked the members of the ad hoc search committee for their hard work securing catered lunches, setting up and taking down the luncheon meeting room, and arranging for plates, utensils, napkins, and beverages. Second, the revenues and expenses for these catered lunches were shared and reviewed. The fact that we are a little in the “black” was acknowledged and appreciated. Third, Susie presented a proposal from the Vet’s Club to perform our room set-up and take-down tasks for $50/week. The board’s response was negative, as the weekly cost was deemed too high. Notwithstanding this fact, it was acknowledged that relying on club members to handle these chores is not sustainable. Fourth, Susie reported on a conversation that she had had with Borzi of Oakway Catering. Borzi, a Delta Rotarian, is willing to work with us at a given price point. Finally, Susie shared that she is exploring the idea of the Eugene Mission doing both our catering and room maintenance chores. While supportive of this idea, board members asked that Susie arrange for a trial lunch before making any commitments on the club’s behalf. In closing, Susie stated that exploration of options will continue for the next several weeks.

b. Dues Owing: The status of outstanding dues was reviewed. Concerning the need for a policy on the consequences of non-payment of dues, Susie stated that she would review existing club policies to determine whether an additional policy is needed. Regarding members whose dues are still outstanding, most appear to be in process of being paid. A few follow-ups are needed to settle this matter. The board member assigned to speak with Andy Hutson reported that he has resigned from the club. It was also reported that Chuck Craytor and Candice Smith are likely to resign.

6. New Business:
a. The One Award: Susie reported that Nancy Hughes’ brother informed Southtowne about this award opportunity. It is sponsored by Rotary District 3450. The award winner receives $100,000 for his/her project and the nominating club receives $5,000. Since Rotarians may not be nominated, Susie proposed the Southtowne nominate Terry McDonald, Executive Director of the St. Vincent de Paul Society of Lane County. Board members were supportive of this proposal. They asked Susie to pursue it.

During the discussion of this topic, it was reported that Bruce Shaw and Susie are sponsoring Paul Harris Fellow awards for Terry McDonald and SVdP’s Development Director, Paul Neville.

b. Paul Harris Fellow for Jamie Bamford: Susie proposed that the club give Jamie Bamford, Resource Specialist and OBOB Coordinator at Fairfield Elementary School, a Paul Harris Fellow award from the club’s “PHF points bank.”

After Bruce explained how the club secures these points, it was moved by Travis Misfeldt, seconded by Sarah Mellgren, and carried unanimously to award a PHF from club points to Jamie at the end of this year’s OBOB competition.

c. Green Bag Project: Linda Anderson, on behalf of herself and Leslie Parker, introduced this topic. She reported that it is a way to generate food donations for a local food bank. It originated as a community-wide project in Ashland, Oregon. Linda proposed that Southtowne start a similar project in Lane County, but limit participation to local Rotary Clubs. Based on her description, here is how it works. Special bags are distributed to participants. They are asked to add one non-perishable food item to the bag each week when they go grocery shopping. The bags are collected every two months, with new bags being given to participants when they turn in their food donations.

The concern about “nickel and diming” members for donations was raised. The majority of the board felt that this issue could be mitigated by stressing that participation is strictly voluntary and, further, by dropping the planned request for food donations for holiday food boxes. At the conclusion of the discussion of this matter, it was moved by Nancy Meyer, seconded by Bruce Shaw, and carried unanimously to adopt and implement this program (under a different name), as proposed by Linda and Leslie.

d. Directors’ Reports:
(1) Membership Director: Sarah was thanked for collecting and submitting written reports from the club committees within her area of responsibility. Susie asked other Directors to provide written status reports from their committees in advance of future board meetings.

(2) Ad Hoc Public Relations Committee Report: Brena Anderson, Patric Miller and Willow Cordain reported on the work of the committee established to promote this year’s Wine & Salmon Festival. Patric spoke about the effectiveness of Springfield Rotary’s social media campaign to promote its annual beer and cider festival/fundraiser. He commented that Southtowne lacks self-promotion in all aspects of our work, including promotion of our Wine & Salmon Festival. To remedy this situation, he volunteered to create a series of short videos about the WSF and the projects it supports for posting on Facebook, provided that small budget is available to defray his expenses. But, he stressed, once the videos are posted, we will not achieve our goal of promoting the event unless our members actively share them with their Facebook community. He observed that an active Facebook campaign could increase WSF attendance and, more importantly, would provide valuable social media exposure to the Festival’s sponsors and donors. Board members expressed enthusiasm for this promotion strategy and thanked Patric and the other members of the ad hoc committee for its work. Regarding the budget for this project, Patric was referred to Randy Bernstein and Karen Fretwell, co-chairs of this year’s Wine & Salmon Festival.

(3) Attendance Report: Attendance Secretary, Nancy Meyer, reported that meeting attendance (including make-ups) for October was 60%. Newer club members in attendance asked about the significance of this statistic. Bruce replied that it was a measure of engagement with club activities. Given this response, the idea of changing the title for this metric from “attendance” to “engagement” was discussed. No action was taken on this suggestion. However, in the discussion of this matter, it was suggested that information on the importance of engagement in the affairs of the club be added to our web site. In a similar vein, two further additions to the site were advocated, as follows: a link to DACdb and the list of requirements for moving from Red Badge to Blue Badge.

7. Next Meeting and Adjournment: Board members were reminded that the next meeting will be held on December 7th, 5:30 to 7:00 PM, at Travis Misfeldt’s office. There being no further business, Susie declared the meeting adjourned at 7:10 PM.

Respectively submitted:
Ted Stevens, Recording Secretary


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