Board Meeting Highlights

Board Meeting Highlights

Last Updated: 9/29/17

September 7, 2017, Meeting Minutes

Members Present: Susie Hanner, Brena Anderson, Linda Anderson, Kathi Hoffer, Steve Hutchinson, Sarah Mellgren, Nancy Meyer, Walt Meyer, John Pfanner, Bruce Shaw, Debbie Snow, Ted Stevens and Scott Wilber

1. Call to Order: The meeting was called to order at 5:40 PM by President Susie Hanner.

2. Why I’m in Rotary: Bruce Shaw shared that he has 64 years of experience with Rotary, starting when he was 10 years old. His joined a club in 1971 in Gardenia, California. While in that club, he started a very successful Interact Club. He returned to Oregon in 1976 and joined Eugene Southtowne at that time. Bruce has served as Southtowne’s president two times. He is now working to start an Interact Club at Marist High School.

3. Minutes of August 3, 2017 Board Meeting: Moved by Scott Wilber, seconded by Debbie Snow and carried unanimously to approve the Minutes of the August 3rd Board meeting, as distributed.

4. Treasurer’s Report – August Financial Statement: Treasurer, Scott Wilber, distributed copies of the financial report to Board members several dayin advance of the meeting. Other than the discussion of the cost of lunches (addressed later in the agenda), there was little discussion of the August financial report. It was moved by Nancy Meyer, seconded by John Pfanner and carried (with Scott Wilber abstaining) to approve the August 2017 Financial Statement, as submitted to the Board.

5. Old Business – Club Lunches: It was reported that our caterer, Pat McCallum, on September 1, 2017, unilaterally raised the price of lunches by $1 and increased the minimum order from 43 to 48 meals. Under these new terms, the Club lost $260 on lunches at the September 7th meeting. During the discussion following Scott’s report, the Board learned that Pat McCallum’s contract with the Vets Club gives him exclusive use of the kitchen, the bar and the restaurant, but not the meeting rooms. Therefore, we can continue to use the room on the first floor for our meetings, including the tables, chairs, and steam table. Following a full discussion, the Board considered two motions regarding the provision of food at lunch meetings, going forward, as recorded here:

a. It was moved by Walt Meyer, seconded by Nancy Meyer, and carried (with Steve Hutchinson voting “no”) to approve the following:

  • (1) That the Club continue, for the foreseeable future, to hold its lunch meetings at the Vets Club;
  • (2) That the Club sever its catering relationship with Pat McCallum ASAP;
  • (3) That the Club try different caterers with the goal of identifying those that can provide the Club with high quality food at reasonable costs; and
  • (4) That the Club continue to explore a new venue for Club meetings.

b. It was moved by Walt Meyer, seconded by Bruce Shaw and carried unanimously to:

  • (1) Direct the Club President to give Pat McCallum notice of the termination of catering services arrangement on September 14, 2017 just prior to the beginning of that day’s Club meeting;
  • (2) Direct the Club President to inform the Club membership at the September 14th meeting of the reasons for, and the decision of the Board to terminate the catering arrangement with Pat McCallum, effective September 15, 2017; and
  • (3) Charge an ad hoc committee consisting of the following Club members – Scott Wilber, Brena Anderson, Kathi Hoffer and Sarah Mellgren – to procure lunches for Club meetings from alternative sources, starting with the meeting on September 21, and to develop a plan for the provision of lunches at Club meetings at the Vets Club for the foreseeable future.

c. The Board discussed different approaches to paying for lunches, going forward. After several minutes of discussion, it was moved by Walt Meyer, seconded by Sarah Mellgren, and carried unanimously to table the discussion of different approaches to pay for meals until more information is available.

6. New Business:

a. Modification of Blue-Badge Requirements: Glen Brigham, Co-Chair of the Membership/Engagement Committee, presented committee recommended changes to the Club’s “Blue Badge Requirements.” Glen explained that the changes do not modify the purpose of these requirements, which is to make new members “…more aware of club functions and activities…” with the goal of increasing the likelihood that they will remain members. Rather, they are intended to enable new members to move from Red to Blue Badge more easily than under the current requirements. As outlined by Glen, here are the proposed new requirements:

Group 1 Requirements – member must complete 6 of the 7 listed activities:

  • Attend a Rotary information orientation;
  • Give a brief autobiography at a club meeting;
  • Attend two of the three New Member Training sessions put on by the M/E Committee;
  • Meet with at least two chairpersons of club service committees (could happen at a New Member Training session);
  • Join one club service committee;
  • Participate in a club work project (local or international); and
  • Participate in a club social activity.

Group 2 Requirements – none are mandatory but all are strongly recommended:

  • Serve as a greeter for a club meeting;
  • Attend a regularly scheduled club board meeting; and
  • Participate in a club fundraising project.

It was moved by Nancy Meyer, seconded by Sarah Mellgren, and carried unanimously to approve the changes to the club’s Blue Badge Requirements, as proposed by the Membership/Engagement Committee, with the understanding that they are effective immediately and will apply to all current and new Red Badgers.

b. Southtowne’s Mentor Program: Glen gave a status report on the Mentor Program being implemented by the Membership/Engagement Committee. Glen reported that Andrea Lamanna has agreed to serve as the coordinator of this program. All new members are tentatively assigned a mentor upon admittance to the club. The M/E Committee has a list of club members who have volunteered to be mentors and Steve Hutchinson and Debbie Snow have developed a one hour training class for them.

c. DG Visit: President Susie reminder Board Members that District Governor, Claudette McWilliams, will visit Southtowne on September 13 and 14. The September 13th meeting will be a Board meeting with the DG. It will will held at Susie Hanner’s home and will start at 5:30 PM. Board members were asked to bring beverages and snacks to this meeting. On September 14, DG Claudette McWilliams will speak to the club during our regular meeting.

d. Extension of Make-up Time Period: President Susie proposed that the club amend its meeting make-up policy to change the timeframe for reporting make-ups from 14 days before or after the missed meeting to 30 days before or after. Attendance Secretary, Nancy Meyer, cautioned that the club may not be allowed by DACdb to alter the timeframe by this much. She stated that she would need to explore what is possible. Since members of the Board were supportive of this change, it was moved by Ted Stevens, seconded by Scott Wilber and carried unanimously to authorize a change in the timeframe for reporting make-ups from 14 days before and after to as much as 30 days before and after the missed meeting, assuming that Rotary and DACdb will accept this change.

e. Ethics of Businesses Getting Kudos by Speakers: President Susie reported that one member questioned the ethics of a business receiving kudos from a speaker during a club program presentation. Specifically, she asked if Board members were uncomfortable with Forrest Paint receiving a “shout out” during the presentation on the Eugene Walls project. No Board members expressed discomfort with what occurred. In fact, members thought that it was acceptable for the businesses of Club members to receive positive recognition when
they provide a service to the community.

f. Do We Want to Continue the Tradition of Exchanging Club Flags?: President Susie asked if the Board wishes for Southtowne to continue the tradition of exchanging club flags with other Rotary clubs and projects. She reported that the club could spend as much as $500 this year to purchase 50 additional flags. She also reported that a few clubs are moving away from this tradition. Considerable discussion followed Susie’s presentation. At the conclusion of this discussion, it was moved by Ted Stevens, seconded by Steve Hutchinson, and carried (7-yes, 4-no, and 2 abstentions) to continue to procure flags for exchange with other Rotary clubs and projects.

g. External Source of Funding for Food Boxes and Non-Traditional Scholarships: Kathi Hoffer reported that the United Methodist Church, United Methodist Church Women has donated $3,700 to the Eugene Southtowne Rotary Foundation for two club projects, specifically $1,700 for emergency food boxes and $2,000 for non-traditional scholarships. Board members expressed appreciation of these donations.

h. Committees’ Goals for 2017-18: This item was postponed due to the length of the meeting.

7. Next Meeting and Adjournment: Board members were reminded that the next meeting will be held on October 5th , 5:30 to 7:00 PM, at Kathi Hoffer’s home (29719 Gimpl Hill Road, Eugene). Due to limited spaces for parking, members were urged to carpool to this meeting. There being no further business, Susie Hanner declared the meeting adjourned at 7:05 PM.

Respectively submitted:
Ted Stevens, Recording Secretary



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January 25, 2016