New Members Proposed

New Members Proposed

Last Updated: 4/13/18

If you have a potential new member to propose, submit a Member Application. Complete it yourself and turn it into a membership committee member.

I am recommending Josh Frank for membership in Southtowne Rotary. His sponsor is Beth Sheehan/Susie Hanner. Josh is currently the project coordinator at Hosea Youth Services. He is actively working with his agency on the new women’s shelter on Willamette Street. Josh has a degree in psychology from the University of Oregon. His interests are in networking, trying to gather community resources to work together on projects. He has been to a couple of meetings and enjoys the energy of our group. He is actively involved in his church, University Fellowship, where he met his fiance. They share common goals in networking with the community. An active, bright young man, Josh asked lots of questions about how I saw his fitting into our Rotary club. He will be a valuable addition to our club.

I am recommending Molly Henshaw for membership in Southtowne Rotary. Her sponsor is Beth Sheehan/Susie Hanner. Molly is the communication director at University Fellowship church. She attended a couple of our club meetings with her fiance, Josh Frank, and shares a similar passion for coordinating resources in the community to coordinate services. Personable and committed, she will be a great addition to our club.

Glen Brigham

If you have a comment about Josh and/or Molly, please contact President Susie or a member of the board by April 27th.



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January 28, 2016