Weekly Member News

Weekly Member News

Last Updated: 8/3/18

Southtowne Golf

Join your fellow Southtowners for golf after our regular Thursday meetings. 1:30 at Oakway Golf course. Spouses/SOs welcome. Ray Schneidmiller is your contact for questions.

Great Rotary Raffle Coming Soon

The United Rotary Clubs (URC) of Lane County have sponsored the Rotary Raffle for 30 years. Collectively local Rotarians have chosen to put there energy behind helping to prevent child abuse in Lane County by funding agency programs that prevent child abuse. For 26 years to URC rented cute plastic ducks which were dumped in the Willamette Rivers and retrieved to determine the prize winners. The price of renting the ducks escalated to the point that continuing with the actual ducks was not a viable fund raising option. We now determine the prize winners via a computer drawing. The true winners are the troubled youth and their families who receive services from the agency programs that prevent child abuse.

The kickoff for this years Rotary Raffle is being held on Tuesday, August 21st, noon at the Hilton Hotel. John Pfanner will be selling tickets to the kickoff at our meetings on August 9 and 16. The lunch cost is $15.00. Southtowne will start issuing books of Raffle tickets at our meeting on August 23rd. Members will have the months of September and October to sell tickets. The drawing for raffle prizes will be held on November 8, 2018.

Southtowne Birthdays & Membership Anniversaries

5 — Jean Stover
6 — Chris Waugh
10 — Amanda Adams
11 — Josh Frank
18 — Kim Forrest
19 — Terry Burgess
23 — Glen Brigham
23 — Nancy Meyer
27 — Mark Peeters
28 — Michael Mooser
29 — Stephanie Herndon
31 — Brena Anderson

Sally Briggs, 22 yrs
Logan Dralle, 2 yrs
Gerry Reicher, 16 yrs
Deanna Rivera, 8 yrs
Gary Schwieger, 23 yrs

7 — Carol Cohen
12 — John Brown
17 — Jim Martin
18 — Logan Dralle
23 — Chuck Beaudet
24 — Kyle Williams

Laura Abruzzini, 2 yrs
Rick Duncan, 36 yrs
Jim Martin, 35 yrs
Sarah Mellgren, 5 yrs
Jay O’Leary, 16+25=41 yrs*

8 — Gary Schwieger
12 — Sarah Mellgren
24 — Bill Weir
27 — Nick Forrest

Cindy Bedell, 1+14=15 yrs*
Carol Cohen, 2 yrs
Mark Gissiner, 9 yrs
John Mielke, 17+7=24 yrs*
Michael Mooser, 22+9=31yrs*
George Rode, 13+4=17 yrs*
Renee Yandel, 2 yrs

*Member has transferred to Southtowne (first number) from another club.