Weekly Member News

Weekly Member News

Last Updated: 2/19/18

President Susie’s Trip to Mexico

When I went to Project Amigo last month, I took a duffel bag full of medical supplies. I just got this letter from a nursing student who received some of the supplies. She’s also a graduate of Project Amigo. Here’s a translation:

“Hello, Susan Hanner, it is a pleasure to greet you, I hope you are very well like your family. I wish you an excellent start of the month.

My name is Mercedes Monserrat Rincón Cortez, I am 20 years old, I live in Suchitlán, I am in the fourth semester of the Faculty of Nursing and I am a student of Project Amigo. The reason for this letter is to thank you for the health material you gave to Project Amigo, since I was benefited with some of them. They will be very helpful to be able to pursue my career, which I like very much and thanks to Project Amigo every day I’m closer to Conc Luirla.

I am very happy to have this material, because it is a bit difficult for me to get it. I will take care of it and make the most of it. In addition it is also very helpful to have this at Casa Amiga because sometimes colleagues feel bad and it is necessary to take vital signs, so I will have the ma- terials at Casa Amiga to be useful for us for a long time.

Thank you for providing this support to Project Amigo, being a different way to help people who need it, for example some materials such as insulin syringes, vaginal mirrors, face masks, patches, etc. It is advisable to have them in an health institution.

I thank you again for supporting Project Amigo and so more people have benefited. I hope someday to have the pleasure of greeting you personally and thanking you. I wish you an excellent month next to your loved ones. Thanks a lot!

Sincerely, Mercedes Monserrat Rincón Cortez”

Thank You Letter from a Medical Student

Following is a translation of a letter of gratitude received from a student in Colima, Mexico.

“Dear Susan Hanner,

I am happy to greet you, my name is Jessica, I am a friend of Proyecto Amigo Colima; I am writing to thank you for the donation of the stethoscopes. I am a medical student and I was fortunate to receive one of them. In fact in this semester I will begin to be in the hospital field, so it is very necessary to have one, since this is a funda- mental part of the daily medical assessment; For my part, I am committed to making the most of this gift, in truth it will be very useful for me. I appreciate your kindness. Blessings.

Sincerely, Jessica Beltrán Torres”

Another Thank You Letter from a Project Amigo Student

Nancy Meyer received the following letter of thanks (translated to English) from a Project Amigo student following the Project Amigo trip to Colema, Mexico.

“Dear Sponsors: Eugene Southtowne Rotary Club

I hope that you are all well. I want to thank you for the great support that I have received from you. It has really helped me. This month has been a lot of fun since it is the celebration of the Virgin of Health in my town which among other things we have bull fights.

January 11 was one of the most special days of this month because I had to opportunity to meet some of you and it’s a wonderful memory. I want you to know that I had a lot of fun and I enjoyed meeting all of you even though the time was short. I liked eating dinner with you and thank you for everything Linda, Nancy, Susie, Walt and all the rest. I really liked the postcards they the club sent me and I was honored to be in your club newsletter. Keep in mind that I think of you as very generous and important people to me.

As for school we received our grades for the semester and I did very well receiving first place in this term. I have also been practicing reading with the book that you very kindly gave me. I really liked it because it is a fascinating story of a very special child. (We took the book, Wonder,written in Spanish as a gift from the Club) I wish you all the best in this year and hope that you are all well and that your plans are fulfilled in a positive manner.

Best wishes, Janeth Selene Avalos Gomez”

Member Resignation

We are sorry to see Stephanie Hirche leave Southtowne but she is moving from the area to start a new adventure. We wish her well and hope she rejoins Rotary in her new community.

​​Southtowne is Sponsoring Another Safety Night for Early Head Start Families

This year we are doing 2 simple Safety Nights for Early Head Start Families (0-3yr) at Fairfield Head Start on Feb 22 and Park Head Start (in Springfield) on Mar 8.

Let Laura Abruzzini know if you would like to help! We are using our District Grant funds we received in 2016 to buy needed home safety items such as door knob covers, cabinet locks, safety gates for these families to keep these youngest members of our community safe! We will be focusing on car seat safety with the 3-5 yr olds. This will be at a later date! Thanks Southtowne!

Sponsor a Table at the Festival

Tables for the Wine & Salmon Festival are now available. Corporate or Sponsor tables are available. Please contact Lonny King at king lonny@comcast.net or at 541-729-2710.

Silent Auction Items Needed

We are down to the wire​! Please submit your silent auction donations. Thanks to the many who have already submitted…we have great stuff! ​Click here for the form.

Food Box Reminder

Here’s the schedule for the remainder of the year for those of you who like to get things on the calendar in advance:

March 5, 19
April 9, 23
May 7, 21
June 4

Place: Meyer Garage 3987 Brae Burn Drive
Time: 5:30pm

Southtowne Birthdays

Happy Birthday, Southtowne members! Please remember to join us at the first meeting of your birthday month to be recognized!

3 — Burnell Ambrose
6 — Don Steely
7 — Ted Stevens
12 — Walt Meyer
14 — Kate Stokes
27 — Tony Reyneke

5 — Jenny Joyhnson
8 — Steve Koester
12 — Barb Tull
18 — Deana Rivera
20 — Sam Miller
30 — Gerry Gaydos

1 — Ginny Saunders
12 — Paul Colvin
22 — Andrea Lamanna
23 — Christie McDonald
26 — Renee Yandel
28 — Lonny King



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January 28, 2016