Weekly Member News

Weekly Member News

Last Updated: 10/20/17

Host Family Halloween

Monday, October 16th, at home my home, I hosted a “Host Family Halloween Party.” Those who joined me include Cami’s current host family — the Bremmers — and her next host family — the Sauters, Nick Belthrop, Kate Stokes and her family, and Susie Hanner. We had a ton of fun and it was great to meet Sauters! – Debbie Snow

Membership Matters!

Did you pick up a “Curious about Rotary” announcement from your table last meeting? Membership is a necessary part of our creative growth in projects and work in the community. I really could use your help recruiting new members like yourself.

Our next recruitment event is scheduled for Thursday, November 9th, beginning at 5:30 p.m. at the Vet’s club, in our current meeting room. This is a fun evening with a few members speaking about why they like Rotary and two individuals who have received services will speak to the impact on them personally. Informal discussion coupled with a social time and no strong arm tactics. Please consider coming and bringing a friend. – Glen

Peace Committee Opportunity

The Peace Committee in its effort to encourage respectful (and safe) dialogue between folks of different political persuasions or interests is holding a training session on Compassionate Listening skills to prepare us for any future informal and formal discussions. This interactive skill development workshop will be taught by Barbara Daté, Ph.D. on Wednesday, November 15 from 3 – 6 pm at the home of Debbie Snow (148 Rockridge Loop, Eugene). Kara Steffensen will be assisting with this workshop. Spouses or another Rotarian or friends are welcome, however, space is limited to 15. The cost is $15 per person. Drop-ins cannot be accommodated so if you are interested, reserve your spot today. If more people are interested, we probably will plan a repeat workshop. If interested please contact/pre-register with:

Jim Anderson at 541-567-0192 or jimanderson725@yahoo.com, or
Lonny King at 541-729-2710 or king-lonny@comcast.net

Southtowne Birthdays

Happy Birthday Southtowne members! Please remember to join us at the first meeting of your birthday month to be recognized!

8 — Gary Schwieger
12 — Sarah Mellgren
12 — Brad Litchfield
24 — Bill Weir
27 — Nick Forrest

3 — Randy Bernstein
4 — Doug Mozan
4 — Linda Anderson
6 — Kathi Hoffer
7 — Deborah Steely
12 — Steve Hutchinson
13 — Sally Briggs
17 — Bruce Shaw
19 — Mary O’Leary
19 — Susie Hanner
21 — Andy Dey
24 — Jim Anderson
26 — Joelle Goodwin
30 — Willow Cordain

Volunteer for StoveTeam

Join us for an nine-day adventure in Guatemala or Nicaragua where you will learn to make fuel-efficient cookstoves and distribute stoves to communities in need. Trips include cultural activities, sightseeing, and community visits.

January 20-28, 2018
Trip price: $1,300 – double occupancy plus airfare

January 20-28, 2018
March 10-18, 2018
Trip price: $1,500, double occupancy plus airfare
Includes individual Spanish lessons

For more info, contact: info@stoveteam.org



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