Weekly Member News

Weekly Member News

Last Updated: 10/5/18

Member Resignations

Southtowne member, Rich Lilke, has resigned the club because of time conflicts with his business. He was a member for 2 1/2 years.

John Mielke, a member of Southtowne for 17 years, resigned in August due to business demands.

The Heart of Rotary: Stronger Together

The strength of our club lies with it’s members. People who value giving back to their community, people who show caring and compassion, people who wish to make the world a little more comfortable for those needing a helping hand. It’s both a sense of pride and a sense of humility when I look at what our club accomplishes.

To continue those efforts, we need to continuously add members. We lose on the average, 10 members a year. They move, transfer or face medical crisis. It is up to all of us to invite people who we know can continue this energy and join our club.

Our membership recruitment night is scheduled for 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. on Thursday, November 8th, at the Vet’s club in our traditional meeting room. As in the past, this is an informal gathering of Southtowne Rotarians who share why they remain in Rotary.

We answer questions, we provide information about our club, we try and make connections. It’s a great time to introduce people to the possibility of joining our club.

As usual, we need a list of Southtowne Rotarians who will attend, and anyone who you might choose to bring. This will help us provide snacks and beverages for our group. Sign up sheets will be at each table beginning in October or you can email Glen at brigham-glen@comcast.net.

Thanks for all you do to make our club what it is today!

~ Glen Brigham

Sprucing Up the Drop-In Center

One of our new projects this year that’s directed at the homeless teen population is serving dinner once/quarter at Hosea’s drop-in center. We’re also going to do some sprucing up of that space, located in a church basement at the corner of 8th and Monroe. We’ll mostly be painting (from gray to pale yellow/gold—a bit of sunshine!), but there are a number of other things that we also hope to accomplish.

Here’s a list:

  • replace the exhaust fan in the women’s bath/shower room
  • replace the toilet in the men’s room
  • repairing some of the tile work (including underlayment, probably) in the men’s room
  • add clothing hooks and a bench outside the men’s shower room
  • remove old plywood ‘lockers’ and replace with school-type lockers
  • mount a movie screen
  • clean the cloth seats of the chairs
  • reorganizing/rearranging furniture

Some things we’re in need of to accomplish everything we’d like to do:

  • a rocking chair and a portable playpen for the teens who have babies
  • school lockers (the short ones—new or used)
  • a toilet
  • clothing hooks and a bench (for outside the shower)
  • access to a spray-painting booth (to repaint used lockers, if we find them)
  • a bathroom exhaust fan w/light (will need to determine what specific kind is needed once the old one is removed)
  • ceiling mounted movie screen

The dates are October 5 and 6—a weekend with no football game! Several other local clubs will be teaming up with us, so please plan to join us in painting, repairs, and cleaning. More details to come, or talk to Josh, Stephanie or Susie.

Did You Know? Everyone Pays at Lunch

Yes, everyone at the meeting has to pay something! If a member doesn’t have lunch, there is still a minimum requirement of $5, which includes the coffee and dessert.

Food Box Assembly and Delivery Schedule for 2018-19 Rotary Year

All assemblies will take place on Monday evening at 5:30 in the Meyer garage unless otherwise noted.

October 8
October 22
November 5
November 12 * DTL Food Boxes for PILAS Graduations
November 19 * Holiday Boxes
December 3
December 17 * Holiday Boxes
January 7
January 21
February 4
February 18
March 4
March 18
April 1
April 15
April 29
May 6
May 20

Southtowne Birthdays & Membership Anniversaries

October Birthdays
8 — Gary Schwieger
12 — Sarah Mellgren
24 — Bill Weir
27 — Nick Forrest

October Membership Anniversaries 
Cindy Bedell, 1+14=15 yrs*
Carol Cohen, 2 yrs
Mark Gissiner, 9 yrs
John Mielke, 17+7=24 yrs*
Michael Mooser, 22+9=31yrs*
George Rode, 13+4=17 yrs*
Renee Yandel, 2 yrs

November Birthdays
1 — Dee Dee Fasquel
3 — Randy Bernstein
4 — Linda Anderson
4 — Doug Mozan
6 — Kathi Hoffer
7 — Deborah Steely
12 — Steve Hutchinson
13 — Sally Briggs
17 — Bruce Shaw
19 — Susie Hanner
19 — Mary O’Leary
21 — Andy Dey
24 — Jim Anderson
26 — Joelle Goodwin
30 — Willow Cordain

November Membership Anniversaries
Chuck Beaudet, 40 yrs
Randy Bernstein, 12 yrs
Glen Brigham, 6 yrs
Nancy Glines, 1 yr
Mitch Hagstrom, 30 yrs
Andrea Lamanna, 11 yrs
Camille Ronzio, 13 yrs
Bruce Shaw, 40+7=47 yrs*
Kate Stokes, 4 yrs
Jean Stover, 6+14=40 yrs*

*Member has transferred to Southtowne (first number) from another club.