Weekly Member News

Weekly Member News

Last Updated: 4/13/18


Citing personal reasons, Ginny Sanders has resigned from Southtowne.

Preparing for our International Exchange Student for 2018-19

We are hosting a fine young man from Brazil this next school year. The Youth Genertions Committee is super excited and we are starting to look for host families. Host families are so key to this program. Being a host family is truly a rewarding experience and in some cases a forever extension of your family. Rotary is unique because we offer three homes to our students that roughly map out on the calendar in thirds; (e.g. late August – Christmas, Janary – first part of April & April – June). The first home needs to be in the South Eugene High School area to comply with the district guidlines. We offer “respite care” in the event the host families needs a break or has something previously scheduled and including the student would be difficult.

The student receives $100.00 per month and our club pays for their cell phone bill. Host families are supported by our committee all of the time, so the host family is not alone. We TREASURE them! It’s truly is an awesome experience (I hosted last year) and I encourage everyone to get involved in some way. If you, or you know of someone that is willing to host please contact me: Debbie Snow, debbiesnow12@gmail.com. If you have other ideas for recruiting families or resources, please reach out to me so our committee can follow up.

Thank you! Debbie

OBOB Wraps Up for Another Year

OBOB (Oregon Battle of Books) finishes for this year with Janice Rode’s team in first place! Thanks to all the Southtowne coaches! The kids each took home an OBOB book of their choice! What fun! We also want to thank Doug Phillips of Abby’s pizza for discounting pizza for the event.

Thanks to Sarah Mellgren for leading the Southtowne efforts. Thanks to Librarian Jamie Bamford for organizing our teams. Rotarians you made a difference in the lives of these students.

Rotarian Ron Sticka Rocks Head Start Classrooms

Head Start staff are delighted with live music being added to some of our book activities! 108 books “Groovy Joe and the Musical Rainbow” was given to each child. Camille Ronzio, Pat Miller, Nick Forrest, and Dee Dee Fasquel led the reading and craft efforts while Ron played. Kids made shakers from plastic eggs! Lots of fun!

And the Winner is…

This year’s recipient of Southtowne’s Ken Goyer Humanitarian Service Award is Terry McDonald. He was selected by the committee of the same name, comprised of past winners of the award. For those of you who didn’t know Ken, I’ve included a description of who Ken was, and what he meant to our club. Receiving this award is truly an honor! Terry and Ellen Goyer, Ken’s wife, will both be present at our meeting on May 24 for the presentation of the award.

Ken Goyer, the founder of Aid Africa, worked tirelessly at home and abroad to bring fuel-efficient stoves, health programs and clean water to thousands of indigenous people around the world, but his primary focus was helping the people of northern Uganda and Darfur. He was a humble man, but many would regard his devotion and achievements with awe. He was not just a man of vision of hope for change; he performed with dedication to bring about change. Through his service he saved lives and made life more tolerable for those in dire need, even at risk to his own health.

Ken worked as long as he could, but passed away June 6, 2010, at the age of 66. Southtowne was privileged to have Ken Goyer as a member, but the principles of Rotary were in Ken long before he joined our club. Ken was “service above self” personified. He lived extremely modestly and spent everything else on getting himself back to the people who needed him in Africa. When he knew he was dying, he wanted most to get back to Africa. He was designated our “hero” and given special recognition by our District 5110 governor in 2009.

We believe it’s fitting that Ken’s memory and recognition of his devotion to Rotary’s motto of “service above self” is best preserved by honoring in his name other local people who have demonstrated their own commitment to personal sacrifice in service to others. Financial support, while important, is not the same as providing direct contact and physical labor in the truest spirit of service. Our thanks to all such people!

Looking Forward to the 2018 Great Rotary Raffle and Duck Race

It is time for Southtowne Rotarians to start looking forward to supporting the 30th annual Great Rotary Raffle. The proceeds from the raffle help to eliminate child abuse in Lane County. Southtowne President Elect Walt Meyer, and seven other local Rotary President Elects, evaluated 17 grant applications. They selected the following five agencies to receive Rotary Raffle funding in 2018:

  • Family Relief Center
  • Parenting Now
  • Center for Community Counseling
  • Direction Services
  • Bridgeway House

The Rotary Raffle schedule will run a month later this year compared to past years. Ticket books will be available to Rotarians in early August. As has been the case in past years, each ticket book will have contain 25, $5.00 tickets. Raffle ticket winners will be announced during a virtual Duck Race on KEZI television during the 6PM news hour on November 8th. Unfortunately the expense, and logistics, of dumping numbered plastic ducks in the Willamette River is no longer financially viable. John Pfanner, Andy Laird and Renee Yandel are currently on Southtowne’s Rotary Raffle committee. Two more volunteers are needed to help manage Southtowne’s ticket sales. Please contact John if you can make some free time in the early fall.

Food Box Dates

Here’s the schedule for the remainder of the year for those of you who like to get things on the calendar in advance:

April 23
May 7, 21
June 4

Place: Meyer Garage 3987 Brae Burn Drive
Time: 5:30pm

Southtowne Birthdays

Happy Birthday, Southtowne members! Please remember to join us at the first meeting of your birthday month to be recognized!

12 — Paul Colvin
22 — Andrea Lamanna
23 — Christie McDonald
26 — Renee Yandel
28 — Lonny King

8 – Lee Schnabel
9 – Paul Riess
12 — Bill Slattery
13 — Travis Misfeldt
18 — Leslie Parker
19 — Karen Fretwell
10 — George Rode
21 — Jay O’Leary
24 — Holst
29 — Dick Hulse
30 — Reicher
31 — Scott Wilber



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January 28, 2016