American Hero Adventures provides our nation’s finest and their loved ones with adventures of a lifetime. To American Hero Adventures, a Hero is anyone who raised their right hand and signed on the dotted line to serve and protect this great nation.

CPT(Ret.) Troy R. Givens, President of American Hero Adventures, is a retired Army engineer officer. CPT Givens served and deployed to Afghanistan with the 2nd Engineer Battalion, 36th Engineer Brigade. During his deployment in 2010 Troy was gravely injured by an IED that struck his vehicle. He suffered from a broken pelvis in four places, a broken back, right femur, tibia and fibula, as well as numerous internal injuries resulting from the force of the concussion caused by the explosion. After several months of surgeries and being told he would never walk again, Troy took his first steps. It was through hunting and fishing that Troy found his drive and passion to recover from his life altering injuries. During his recovery, Troy created the idea of establishing an organization that not only focuses on America’s Heroes, but their loved ones as well.

The following are notes from Troy’s presentation and below is a video we recommend, recently made for American Hero Adventures first annual banquet:

  • The organization doesn’t only focus on military but also first responders, and federal agents.
  • Troy met many federal agents who were wounded in the war but who have no ongoing benefits because they are not veterans.
  • American Hero Adventures honors loved ones because the loved ones closest to an injured hero sacrifice everything to get them on their feet and it takes a village to coordinate healing. Too often, those loved ones are forgotten and their trauma is not recognized.
  • It’s not just about injuries you can see, it is about injuries you can’t see.
  • Purple Hearts are not necessary. Only service. A hero is not just an injured hero. American Hero Adventures is open to anyone who has served.
  • Adventures include everything from a couples retreat to safaris in Africa.
  • The organization has no employees. Money is raised through donations, fundraisers, and grants.