International Projects

international projectsThere are a number of ways to help with international projects.

Service trips to Latin America and Africa are great fun and extremely rewarding — they will truly change your life. You will see how little most people in the world have, and that a small amount of money and effort thoughtfully applied can make an enormous difference. You will also see that there are many lessons for us visitors to learn from the people there. A lucky community might have one soccer ball for all of the kids to share and virtually no other possessions for entertaining themselves. Yet they do entertain themselves and find much joy in life.

When international volunteers go into an area for the first time the people are usually shy and reticent. By the time the volunteers leave, they have been invited into people’s houses, introduced to grandparents and children, and are honored at celebrations. You can see how non-tourist economy people really live and start to understand their joys and challenges.

We are also participants in Rotary Youth Exchange and the fight to eradicate polio.

All of the organizations below need help. There are often local opportunities to serve as well as international volunteer opportunities

StoveTeam International

StoveTeam has helped local entrepreneurs in 5 Latin American countries establish factories that produce safe, affordable, fuel-efficient cookstoves.

rsf earthspeak

RSF Earthspeak

Earthspeak is a organization that builds an infrastructure for parent speech-training programs in countries where speech therapy is hard to find

Project Amigo

Project Amigo is a volunteer project that provides scholarships and education opportunities to Mexican children.


Adopt-a-Village is a holistic and sustainable development model providing education, clean water, health, alternative income, and food security to African villages.

Aid Africa

Aid Africa is an effort led by Ken Goyer, focused on making stoves, ensuring birthing mothers had hospital access, fixing water wells, and planting trees.

rsf earthspeak

Hospital Supply Distribution

Hospital Supply Distribution started after PeaceHealth Hospital began donating used and surplus medical equipment and supplies.

San Miguel School for Special Education

San Miguel School for Special Education provides academic education to young Deaf children in San Miguel de Allende.

Mental Healthcare in West Africa

Association Saint-Camille (ASC) de Lellis provides comprehensive mental health care to adults and children in West Africa.

International Organizations