From The President:

Last Updated: 4/22/21

If you’re not “on Facebook,” you might not know that Southtowne Rotary Club has a Facebook page. It’s a great resource for what’s going on – and you don’t even have to be a Facebook user to see it!

Here’s the link:  Add this link to your favorites or your bookmarks so you can keep up with Southtowne. A few of the latest things in the newsfeed:

• Find pictures of your fellow Rotarians helping with the service projects. Learn what upcoming programs are scheduled.

• Learn about Rotary around the world – did you know that together, RI gives $850 million worth of volunteer hours each year? Did you know that the late HRH Prince Phillip was a member of the Rotary Club of Edinburgh?

• See a video (very inspiring, I might add) of the local Rotary clubs’ volunteer project helping with the COVID vaccination efforts. You can keep scrolling down the newsfeed to see less current information. And, you can see comments left by other Facebook users. (You can’t leave a comment unless you have a Facebook account. But that’s an easy fix, just sign up for one.)

Do you have something you’d like to share with our Facebook group? Send it to me and I’ll get it posted for all to see! Our page has followers from around the globe who are interested in what we do – and not all of them are Rotarians. This is just another way our club communicates.

We have to keep adapting. We haven’t peaked yet.

President Chris


6 — Mike Lampe
13 — Marsha Callahan
21 — Paul Colvin
22 — Andrea Lamanna
23 — Christie McDonald
26 — Renee Yandel
28 — Lonny King

Matt Adams, 5 yrs
Lisa Bostwick, 3 yrs
Kathi Hoffer, 20 yrs
Frank Lawson, 5 yrs
Christie McDonald, 32 yrs
Ron Sticka, 17 yrs
Chris Waugh, 3+23=26 yrs*
Grace Widdicombe, 10 yrs