From The President:

Last Updated: 1/14/21

It may be a new year, but there is baggage from the past – too much talk about us and them. My side and “those idiots.” Left wing and right wing. Wings, for heaven’s sake! This week I’m thinking about wings:

• Our national bird is the bald eagle. They are majestic to watch soar. How do they do it? They have two wings – they need both. Their right and their left wing work together to propel the eagle in the direction it’s going. Injure one wing and the bird spirals into a crash.

• The wings of our democracy don’t always work together. When one wants total control, the lack of cooperation and collaboration is reflected in the news. Our wings need to work together for the country to balance as it moves forward. Instead of “us” and “them,” let’s talk about “we.” Honoring our various perspectives creates balance in the country.

• Southtowne Club will reboot our Visioning Committee. We want to bring all member perspectives to the table and into the plan for our future. In the short term, we’ll tackle regrouping after COVID. And we’ll look farther into the future – where do we want to be in 3-5 years? I’ll keep you in the loop and ask for your advice.

Let’s lead by example – to call out divisiveness and to demonstrate tolerance and balance. To honor all perspectives – we’ll be richer for it. Rotarians are leaders, and we’re needed now more than ever. We can make a difference. We haven’t peaked yet!


President Chris

1 — John Pfanner
8 — John Bodell
8 — Nancy Hughes
8 — Andy Laird
18 — Bert Toepel
23 — Dick Briggs
29 — Bob Berry
30 — Matt Adams
30 — Ron Sticka

Nick Balthrop, 4 yrs
Marsha Callahan, 1 yr
Mike Callahan, 1 yr
Nick Forrest, 5 yr
Dick Hulse, 44 yrs
Charles Johnson, 1 yr
Lonny King, 19 yrs
Jessie Lopez, 1 yr
Tina Nelson, 1 yr
Mark Peeters, 23+2=25*
Mike Raz, 34 yrs
Kathileen Wagner, 2 yrs
Kyle Williams, 5 yrs