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Furniture Needs for 3 Head Start Families

Three Head Start families are in need of furniture and household items.
Please let Camille know if you have any of these items. Thank you!

Family 1 Needs:

  • Dining room table and chairs
  • End tables
  • Coffee table
  • Bookshelf
  • 2 dressers
  • Twin bed frame (they have the mattress)

Family 2 Needs:

  • Dining room table and chairs
  • TV cabinet
  • Smart TV (like a Roku)
  • Couch
  • Coffee table 
  • Vacuum
  • 1 dresser
  • Full size bed frame

Family 3 Needs:

  • Refrigerator

Matt Knight Volunteers Serve Up Fun, and whole lot of beer and water!

Southtowne Rotary and members of the Active 20/30 Club teamed up to raise funds, while having fun, at the recent Kane Brown concert at Matt Knight Arena!

Headed up by Randy Bernstein with several Southtowners in tow (more than pictured!), this event earned the club another “passel of dough” (it was a country music concert) while having a ton of fun! The music was hot, the crowd was parched, we rocked it! The final tally hasn’t been reported yet, but should bring in between $1,800 and $2,100 for our Local Emergency and Scholarship programs!