Weekly Member News

Weekly Member News

Last Updated: 12/4/18

Annual Elections on December 6th

The annual meeting of the club will be held at our regular weekly club meeting on December 6. The purpose of the annual meeting is to elect new board members/officers for the club and for the club foundation. The Nominating Committee is proposing the following Southtowne members for election to the Southtowne Rotary Foundation Board of Directors and the Southtowne Club Board of Directors. Please try to attend this important meeting.

Southtowne Club Board Positions

  • President Nominee – Debbie Snow
  • Treasurer – Matt Adams
  • Recording Secretary – Cindy Bedell
  • Administration — Amanda Adams
  • International Community Service – Jean Stover
  • Public Relations – Pat Miller
  • Resources – Karen Fretwell

Southtowne Foundation Board Positions

  • Cindy Bedell
  • Christie McDonald

“Aunties” Needed

The Youth House is looking for some special volunteers. From Josh Frank, Southtowner and HYS staffer who coordinates the project at the Youth House:

“We are looking for committed and experienced individuals who could be at the house Fridays or Sundays from 8:30am-12pm. To take this volunteer position on, they’d meet with myself or another house staff member to be trained on house policies. Additionally, we’d provide them with resources to obtain their First-Aid/CPR card. We would also need them to fill out an online form, which will give us required info needed to run our mandatory background check. We are only accepting female volunteers at this point.

“We would also accept people for a substitute list. Our hope is to have regulars there, as inviting new faces into the home without consistency can be disruptive for the residents, but nonetheless, we do need subs occasionally.”

Please get in touch with Josh or Susie Hanner if you can help out.

Food Box Assembly and Delivery Schedule for 2018-19 Rotary Year

All assemblies will take place on Monday evening at 5:30 in the Meyer garage unless otherwise noted.

  • December 17 * Holiday Boxes
  • January 7
  • January 21
  • February 4
  • February 18
  • March 4
  • March 18
  • April 1
  • April 15
  • April 29
  • May 6
  • May 20

Did You Know? Everyone Pays at Lunch

Yes, everyone at the meeting has to pay something! If a member doesn’t have lunch, there is still a minimum requirement of $5, which includes the coffee and dessert.

Southtowne Birthdays & Membership Anniversaries

1 — Ben Mondragon
4 — Blaine Werner
5 — Anita Weiss
11 — Laura Abruzzini
14 — Camille Ronzio
16 — Jantzen Lloyd
21 — Felipe Alonso
22 — Chuck Craytor
23 — Mike Raz
28 — Nancy Glines
28 — Mitch Hagstrom
31 — Nick Balthrop

Linda Carnine, 7 yrs
Paul lColvin, 41 yrs
Susan Costa, 3 yrs
Karen Fretwell, 4 yrs
Nancy Hughes, 16 yrs
Dick Huse, 43 yrs
Steve Hutchinson, 25 yrs
Mark Peeters, 23 yrs
Ray Schneidmiller 11+10=21 yrs *
Trent Wagner, 5 yrs

1 — Pat Miller
1 — John Pfanner
6 — Ray Schneidmiller
8 — Cindy Bedell
8 — Nancy Hughes
8 — Andy Laird
12 — Rogelio Cassol
18 — Bert Toepel
23 — Dick Briggs
26 — Jarvis Simmons
28 — Mark Gissiner
30 — Matt Adams
30 — Susan Costa
30 — Ron Sticka

Nick Balthrop, 2 yrs
Andy Dey, 3 yrs
Nick Forrest, 3 yrs
Richard Guske, honorary
Jim Helbling, honorary
Lonny King, 17 yrs
Mike Raz, 32 yrs
Ed St. Clair, 21 yrs
Kyle Williams, 3 yrs

*Member has transferred to Southtowne (first number) from another club.