Weekly Member News

Weekly Member News

Last Updated: 5/16/19

Bruce Shaw Scholarship

If you would like to make a tax-deductible gift to the Bruce Shaw Scholarship fund, you can write a check to:

Southtowne Rotary Foundation–Shaw Fund (or SRF-Shaw Fund) and mail it to
The Southtowne Rotary Foundation
P.O. Box 5158
Eugene 97405

You can also hand a check to a SRF board member. If you would like to use your credit card at a meeting to make a donation the donation charge must be done separate from your lunch charge (two transactions) and please mark on the copy you sign SRF-Shaw Fund.

Food Box Assembly and Delivery Schedule for 2018-19 Rotary Year

All assemblies will take place on Monday evening at 5:30 in the Meyer garage unless otherwise noted.

  • May 20

Did You Know? Everyone Pays at Lunch

Yes, everyone at the meeting has to pay something! If a member doesn’t have lunch, there is still a minimum requirement of $5, which includes the coffee and dessert.

Southtowne Birthdays & Membership Anniversaries

8 — Lee Schnabel
9 — Paul Riess
12 — Bill Slattery
13 — Travis Misfeldt
18 — Leslie Parker
19 — Karen Fretwell
21 — Jay O’Leary
24 — Rod Holst
29 — Dick Hulse
30 — Gerry Reicher
31 — Scott Wilber

Jim Anderson, 6 yrs
Josh Frank, 1 yr
Molly Frank, 1 yr
Stephanie Herndon, 1 yr
Nancy Meyer, 8 yrs
Walt Meyer, 8 yrs
Sam Miller, 2 yrs
Leslie Parker, 4 yrs
Don Steely, 12+2=14 yrs*
Barb Tull, 28 yrs
Blaine Werner, 12 yrs

1 — Linda Carnine
2 — Molly Frank
6 — Ed St. Clair
8 — Lisa Bostwick
14 — John Yaple
25 — Grace Widdicombe

Amanda Adams, 1 yr
Brena Anderson, 4 yrs
Joelle Goodwin, 8 yrs
Jim McQuiston, 3 yrs
Debbie Snow, 3 yrs
Ted Stevens, 10 yrs
Scott Wilber, 20 yrs

*Member has transferred to Southtowne (first number) from another club.