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As you all know, Food for Lane County is one of our most valuable partners in providing food for our monthly food boxes. Part of our partnership requirements include all of our volunteers doing an annual training, and signing off on the participation sheet.

ALL VOLUNTEERS (packers, handlers, drivers) NEED TO DO THIS TRAINING, and SIGN THE SHEET (either virtually or in person), on or before our next Food Box Day, NOVEMBER 15th.  

If you are a regular volunteer, you should have received an email from Patric or Camille, with the information, form and video links. IF NOT…PLEASE WATCH THE VIDEOS LINKED BELOW, and BE PREPARED TO SIGN IN ON NOVEMBER 15th! THANKS!
Civil rights training link:
Food safety training link:

    Zone Institute Gathers Leaders from Districts for Training & Celebration


    Along with other leaders from District 5110, Governor-Elect Nelson Maler and Governor-Nominee Chris Waugh attended Zone Institute all last week to prepare for their roles in 24-25 and 25-26 respectively.  

    Leaders from 30 districts, which make up the Big West (basically from Colorado to Hawaii) were there and to complete courses on Club Service and Support, Leadership, District Administration, Membership, Grants, Youth Services, Addressing Challenges, Event Planning, Public Image, and much more. 

    They got a chance to create close relationships with others in their class who will be Governor in the same year – creating a network of resources that they can draw on in the future.

    There were inspiring keynote speakers at most meals and time for socialization, too. If you’re interested in getting involved in leadership on the District Level, contact Nelson or Chris. There’s probably a position that would give you a chance to serve in the capacity that suits you.

    Southtowne’s Past President, Chris Waugh, and her class of 2025-2026 District Governors.

      Recent Board Meeting Minutes

      Click the link below to view the most recent Southtowne Rotary Board Meeting Minutes! 

        Tell Us What You’d Like To See in the Spin-Off!

        The Spinoff is a great place to let club members know about projects, events, and your ideas for what we can do as a club! Let us know what you would like to see, and share your information with us, by emailing

          Women’s BB Concessions Volunteers Are In Action!

          Seven members of our Matthew Knight Arena concession stand crew worked the opening game of the Duck Women’s basketball season on October 29, earning $475 which is the equivalent of supporting food boxes for 30 food insecure families. We enjoyed one another’s company while supporting the good work of our club. If you are interested in finding out more, or volunteering, contact Randy Bernstein at

          The lineups for upcoming games are as follows (subject to change):
          Nov. 18 @ 12 Noon – Randy, Rene,  Grace, Matt, Patric, Karen, Jim
          Dec. 8 @ 7:00pm – Patric, Sam, Camille, Joelle, Bob, Mary Ann, Susie


            The Head Start reading team is back at work! 90 books, Mouse’s Fall went out to Head Start homes! Huge thanks to all the readers and musicians who made it happen. Thanks also to Abby, our South Eugene Interact contact who made all the craft kits with leaves to color for all the kids! A great time for all! With huge pressures on teachers, we are especially appreciated this year.

              PROPOSED BOARD SLATE FOR 2023 – 2024

              This is the time of year for determining our club’s board of directors for the following year which begins on July 1, 2023. Please review this proposed board slate prior to our vote at the club meeting this coming January 5. You’ll notice that there are a couple positions for which we are still seeking a candidate. If you are interested, please contact Randy, Kathi, or Joelle.


              President:  Joelle Goodwin
              President-Elect:  Sean McGann
              Past President:  Randy Bernstein
              Treasurer:  Angela O’Brien
              Engagement Secretary:  Linda Anderson
              Recording Secretary:  TBD through 2025


              Public Relations:  Deanna Rivera, through 2025
              Administration:  Travis Misfeldt, through 2024
              Resources:  Karen Fretwell, through 2025
              Membership: Kathi Hoffer, through 2025
              Youth Services:  Doug Mozan, through 2025
              Int’l Service:  Anita Weiss, through 2025
              Local Comm. Service:  Liane Davis, through 2025

              FOUNDATION BOARD

              Susie Andrist, through 2025
              Steve Hutchinson, through 2025
              Ted Stevens, through 2025
              Sarah Mellgren, through 2025