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PAUL HARRIS FELLOW Awarded to Jocelyn Bonner

On May 18th Rotary Foundation Chair, Sarah Mellgren, presented Jocelyn Bonner with the Paul Harris Fellow, which includes a placard and the Paul Harris pin.

    Volunteer Opportunities

    Homeless Support – We can use more volunteers servicing the countless needs in the community to support youth in their struggles with housing stability.  Please reach out to Susie Andrist to volunteer in any of these projects:  Head Start Readers – This month’s reading has been changed to May 24th!

    • Dinner service at the Hosea House (monthly)
    • Dinner service at SVDP Youth House (weekly)
    • Looking Glass 

      Project News

      We are once again packing boxes for the Philippines. Dr Macky dela Cruz spoke this past week at our Rotary club talking about the impact of these boxes on the rural communities that he serves that are affected by typhoons about once a year! He thanked Southtowne for their support over time! You have made a difference!

      Show at right, Dr Macky meets Dr Aubyn Marrath of CardioStart, and helps with the sorting and boxing of medical supplies.

        But Wait…There’s More!

        Look what we just did through our Emergency Committee:

        2 cribs donated by Jantzen Lloyd and Kate Stokes were delivered to Early Head Start families – 1 to Walter illegal by David Russell and Jim Ronzio and the other to Springfield by Jackson! 2 families needed changing tables which were assembled and delivered by Jim Martin! Another family could not use their car because it needed a battery which we bought and food box volunteer Debby Marks and her husband delivered!
        The family victim of domestic violence had the trailer cleaned and sanitized by Ukrainian duo of house cleaners with funds donated by a Rotarian. A loveseat donated by Stephanie Cannon was delivered by Sean McGann and Doug Mozan. Clothing and shoes purchased and delivered by Jim and Bonnie Martin. See photos taken by the grateful mom! We helped this Mom connect with St. Vincent’s to get a voucher for needs and she bought a stove which was then delivered by Jim Martin- she even was able to use his senior discount! Bedding and toiletries were collected by Kim Cronin and the Rotary Service Network! A group at Joy Church donated towels! Deanna helped us connect with Project Hope for more kitchen items! In addition our food boxes helped fill the pantry!

        Thank you Southtowne volunteers!

          PROPOSED BOARD SLATE FOR 2023 – 2024

          This is the time of year for determining our club’s board of directors for the following year which begins on July 1, 2023. Please review this proposed board slate prior to our vote at the club meeting this coming January 5. You’ll notice that there are a couple positions for which we are still seeking a candidate. If you are interested, please contact Randy, Kathi, or Joelle.


          President:  Joelle Goodwin
          President-Elect:  Sean McGann
          Past President:  Randy Bernstein
          Treasurer:  Angela O’Brien
          Engagement Secretary:  Linda Anderson
          Recording Secretary:  TBD through 2025


          Public Relations:  Deanna Rivera, through 2025
          Administration:  Travis Misfeldt, through 2024
          Resources:  Nancy Glines, through 2025
          Membership: Laura Abruzzini, through 2025
          Youth Services:  Doug Mozan, through 2025
          Int’l Service:  Anita Weiss, through 2025
          Local Comm. Service:  TBD, through 2025


          Susie Andrist, through 2025
          Steve Hutchinson, through 2025
          Ted Stevens, through 2025