Southtowne Scholarships

Southtowne Scholarships

In 1997, members of the Southtowne Rotary Club who were educators saw a need for scholarship help for a group of high school students who were under served. These were academically successful students who were economically disadvantaged and often faced numerous life challenges. While wanting to go to college, they also tended to not have the very highest grade points, leaving them at a disadvantage for most scholarships.

The first club fundraiser specifically for the scholarship program was called “SportsPlus”, then funding came from annual club auction dinner events. Additional funding was received as memorial donations. Some of the accumulated donations were used immediately for scholarships while some was invested. In addition to scholarship funding, a parking project during football season produced a pool of money that was placed in a permanent endowment fund managed by the Foundation to provide funding for club community projects.

Over the years the Southtowne Rotary Foundation has provided $200,000 in scholarships and many thousands for the other community projects. Our scholarship awards are, in many ways, transformative for students, not only as a monetary boost for college costs but in the self-confidence, they get from the recognition of their accomplishments. 2022 will be the Silver (25th) Anniversary of the Foundation. As we reach that milestone, the High School Scholarship Program has been expanded so it now allocates some scholarships for students impacted by homelessness and provides funding for student support and enhancement programs at local high schools before graduation.

How To Give

If you are interested in supporting the work of Southtowne Rotary and the Southtowne Rotary Foundation, gifts can be given in the following ways:

  • Mail a check to Southtowne Rotary Foundation at P.O. Box 5158, Eugene, OR 97405-0158. Be sure to note what program you are interested in supporting.
  • Call or email the Foundation Treasurer, Ted Stevens, at 541-525-6006 or at
  • Donate Online

Southtowne College Scholarships

Because many deserving high school graduates cannot afford the steep cost of college tuition, fees, materials, and room & board, Southtowne Rotary provides college scholarships to those who demonstrate a high degree of financial need. All of our scholarship recipients have shown academic promise, but because of the various life challenges they’ve dealt with concurrent to their high school studies, they are not typically first in line for the top scholarship offers. Most scholarship recipients are first-generation college attendees and some will break the cycle of poverty in their families.

Since 2008, we have awarded $199,075 to more than 20 students, and we are working to expand our program so that we can support more students in realizing their dreams that depend on postsecondary education.

  • One such individual who attended high school while living with only his older brother graduated from Oregon State University and is now employed as an engineer in the Seattle metro area.
  • Another said that the Rotary scholarship boosted her confidence while allowing her to focus on her major studies. She graduated in four years with a degree in graphic design.
  • And another shared how much he is looking forward to the future because “I believe in myself!” These students bring a work ethic that deserves our support and that in turn will support their community.