Southtowne College Scholarships

Southtowne Scholarships

Over 20 years ago, members of the Southtowne Rotary Club saw a need for scholarship help for high school students who were under served. These were students who were economically disadvantaged and often faced numerous life challenges. While wanting to go to college, they also tended to not have the very highest-grade points, leaving them at a disadvantage for most scholarships.

To address this need, the Club created the Southtowne Rotary Foundation, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, to receive donations and grants, manage available funds, and disburse scholarships to under served individuals.  Over the years the Foundation has awarded more than $200,000.  These awards are transformative for students, not only as a monetary boost for college costs but in the self-confidence they get from the recognition of their accomplishments.  Examples include:   

  • One such individual who attended high school while living with only his older brother graduated from Oregon State University and is now employed as an engineer in the Seattle metro area.
  • Another said that the Rotary scholarship boosted her confidence while allowing her to focus on her major studies. She graduated in four years with a degree in graphic design.
  • And another shared how much he is looking forward to the future because “I believe in myself!” These students bring a work ethic that deserves our support and that in turn will support their community.

Now, we are working to expand our program so that we can help more students realize their dreams of pursuing post-secondary education.

How To Give

If you are interested in supporting the work of Southtowne Rotary Scholarship Program, gifts can be given in the following ways:

  • Mail a check to Southtowne Rotary Foundation at P.O. Box 5075, Eugene, OR 97405-0158. Be sure to note that your gift is for the Scholarship Program.
  • Email Foundation Treasurer, Matt Adams, at
  • Donate Online

Southtowne Opportunity Scholarships

The Southtowne Rotary Foundation also recognizes that adults who wish to further their education face additional challenges including raising families while attending school. Southtowne Opportunity Scholarships (SOS) have provided tuition support for beauty school, fees to become a licensed electrician, support for teacher’s aides to become teachers, and certification classes for nursing students.

Scholarship recipients include:

  • Sarah who received SOS support to complete a degree in Graphic Arts. She is now working at a local company doing graphic design and has created her own Website business. 
  • Rashonda, attending the construction program at Lane Community College majoring, received SOS tuition assistance for one term until her financial aid resumed.
  • Izzy received SOS funding to complete prerequisite classes required for Lane Community College’s Registered Nursing program. She works full time in health care while going to school.