Eugene Southtowne Rotary Club’s high school scholarships are managed by the Southtowne Foundation Board. Based on income from the year’s endowment investments and the club’s annual fundraiser, the Foundation Board decides the amount that will be spent on contributions to the AVID program (supporting the cost of two or three AVID students at South Eugene High School) and how much will go towards scholarships, as well as the amount of each scholarship.

For the past 6 years, the scholarships have been aimed at senior high school graduates who have grade-point averages that do not qualify them for the most scholarships (3.2), but who have had to overcome extreme financial, family or health issues. Some of these students are undocumented and therefore cannot receive any government funds. Several of the students have zero income from their families and some were without homes; most of the students work for income.

These are kids that you will really admire and they do not have as many chances for scholarship help as other populations of students. The Foundation Board invites participation from interested club members when judging the applications. That participation is very gratifying.

Contact Jim Mieloszyk for more information on how to get involved.



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February 4, 2016