Local Projects

Rotary’s mission is “Service above Self” and Southtowne Eugene Rotary members live out that mission locally. Below is a list of the many projects we are involved in.

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 Homeless Support

  1. 15th Night – RAN: Help provide Emergency Supplies to assist this project get teenagers experiencing homelessness to help keep them safe and well.
  2. 4J McKenney-Vento: Provide much-needed school supplies each year.
  3. 4J ECCO Highschool: Aid young adults apply for and receive their Oregon State Identification Card.
  4. Hosea Drop-In Center: Cook and provide meals as part of a rotation of volunteer organizations to homeless young adults who find refuge at the Hosea Drop-In Center.
  5. Eugene Mission Support: Provides volunteers to serve meals as part of a rotation of volunteers at the Mission.
  6. Sock-it-to-me!: Provide socks to adults experiencing homelessness through our partnership with St. Vincent DePaul.
  7. Backpack Stuffing: An annual evening of fun stuffing school supplies into backpacks that St. Vincent DePaul distributes before school starts.
camp 99 project
Cam receiving an award from Rotary members

 Family Support

  1. Pilas Program: Provide educational materials to children and fiesta fun for the whole family at different events throughout the year hosted by Downtown Languages.
  2. Educational Stipends: Not every adult needs to attend college, but there are many parents that need a leg up to get a certification so they can begin a career that provides for their family. We provide that leg up when we get the call from Head Start of Lane County. We also provide mentoring when needed.
  3. Head Start Service Team: Providing storytime and craft time monthly with our little friends at Head Start in the Bethel School District.
  4. Emergency Services: When Head Start teachers learn of a crisis going on with one of their student’s family life, they call Southtowne Rotary members for help. Rotary leaps to action, whether it’s providing a working refrigerator or helping a family to be housed rather than living in a car.
    1. Emergency Services Food Box Program: provides almost 200 food boxes each month to families in the Bethel school district area who are suffering from food insecurity during this COVID-19 crisis.
  5. Community Partners Food Box Program: We provide boxes of non-perishable foods to the food cupboards at three Head Start school locations, Downtown Languages, and Fairfield Elementary so that the educators there can provide food to families in need.
  6. Fairfield Elementary Support: Rotarians coach 3rd, 4th, and 5th-grade children for the Oregon Battle of the Books competition, meeting with children under the librarian’s supervision to help them comprehend what they are reading.

Senior Support

  1. Meals on Wheels: Southtowne Rotarians hustles to deliver hot meals to senior citizens on a rotational basis.
Cam receiving an award from Rotary members

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