Local Projects

Southtowne members are dedicated to local projects that improve our community.Southtowne members are dedicated to local projects that improve our community. When we started on our present course of local community service programs, we developed the following guiding principals:

1. Our primary target was young children rather than troubled older kids or adults since we felt that young children had not developed the intractable habits of older kids, and helping them was doable with our budget. However, in dealing with younger children, it was clear that we would have to help on a family basis rather than kids in isolation.

2. Get to know the children and families and follow them when practical, allowing us to see the results of our efforts and continue help as needed.

3. Programs would follow the example of Southtowne’s Community Service Endowment in selecting those in which Rotarians participate personally as well as with funds.

4. Programs would maximize the use of Southtowne funds by avoiding duplication of effort with other community services. Rather, Southtowne would develop areas where we believed there was an important need, use existing partner community organizations to help us serve those in need, and bridge the gaps in available community services.

5. All of the people who we help in our local programs are asked to help others in return. They come to Family Day or other community events or help at a fundraiser, or provide information or advice when appropriate. Most seem enthusiastic about such participation.

Currently we support the following local projects: