Local Projects

Rotary’s mission is “Service above Self” and Southtowne Eugene Rotary members live out that mission locally. Below is a list of the many projects we are involved in.

This Month’s Highlights

Emergency Food Boxes – Camille Ronzio
This month we created 83 food boxes including 12 nonperishable boxes to 3 Elementary school locations
and 2 to the Family Resource Center. We had 37 volunteers helping get the food out including 18 members and spouses from

School Supplies – Camille Ronzio
We were helped by BiMart giving us a discount on spiral notebooks and a gift card and Albertson’s marking down backpacks 50% off the already marked down 50% off price! We delivered needed school supplies to Fairfield Elementary and McKinney Vento at Malabon, plus some to Chris Ferguson for his work with the high school students at Willamette.

Emergency Services – Camille Ronzio
We are working with the Springs for Angel Tree Families for the Holidays. We are hoping that the sock and underwear collection can start when those for the Kiwanis is completed during the next several meetings. With Board approval we can ask the club.

Head Start – Camille Ronzio
In September we delivered crayons, markers, spiral notebooks etc to Head Start for children needing school supplies. There are approximately 60 kids in 6 classrooms at Clear Lake and Fairfield which will be served. We are hoping that South Eugene Interact will again do the craft kits. Stephanie Cannon is asking them this week.

Southtowne Opportunity Scholarships – Camille Ronzio
Nancy Glines and I met with Casey a young mom raising 6 kids (3 of her own, 1 stepchild and 2 siblings)
and getting her phlebotomy degree through Oregon Medical. We are financing one payment for her
schooling and with connections to STEP they will fund the remainder. She is halfway through and has
almost 90% on her midterm. 

Downtown Languages – Renee Yandel
Former member John Yaple is getting pumpkins and we will have 2 pumpkin carving sessions in October.
Glen will be Santa and Renee is leading the efforts for Posada bags. Camille is getting books and will
have non-perishable food boxes as prizes for both events.

Homeless Support – Susie Andrist
Provided one dinner for Hosea and Facilitated 4 group sessions from the Kindness Campaign at Hosea.
Provided four dinners for the Youth House and met with our YH liaison to talk about how we might
better meet their needs created a new food service plan for YH. Working with Looking Glass to fulfill needs in a few areas for their long-term guests. Assisted 10 ECCO students in completing paperwork to get their ID’s. 

Fairfield Elementary – Sarah Mellgren
OBOB is going to happen this year, with some changes. OBOB will start nearer to the holidays and will
only incorporate 4 th and 5 th graders. Volunteers to coach are needed.

Mission Service – Sam Miller
The Mission reinstated its volunteer meal service in September. Sam has gathered volunteers for the
first Sunday of each month through December.

Meals on Wheels – Rod Holst
Weekly deliveries are rolling along and posted in the new Spinoff each week.

 Homeless Support

  1. 15th Night – RAN: Provide emergency supplies help keep homeless youth safe and well.
  2. 4J McKenney-Vento: Provide much-needed school supplies for homeless students.
  3. 4J ECCO Highschool: Aid young adults apply for and receive their Oregon State Identification Card.
  4. Hosea Drop-In Center: Cook and provide meals as part of a rotation of volunteer organizations to homeless young adults who find refuge at the Hosea Drop-In Center.
  5. SVDP’s Youth House: Providing food every week to the residents of this facility for homeless females ages 16-18.
  6. Sock-it-to-me!: Provide socks to adults experiencing homelessness through our partnership with St. Vincent DePaul.
camp 99 project
Cam receiving an award from Rotary members

 Family Support

  1. Pilas Program: Provide educational materials to children and fiesta fun for the whole family at different events throughout the year hosted by Downtown Languages. Provide supplies and also provide incentives for graduation (such as food, gift cards, books, to families). Pack lunches are donated for their summer program.
  2. Southtowne Opportunity Scholarships: Not every adult needs to attend college, but there are many parents that need a leg up to get a certification so they can begin a career that provides for their family. The school district and head start staff recommend adults who are taking classes to complete a certification, do a training program or certification, and when possible a Rotarian with similar career mentors the scholarship winner.
  3. Head Start Service Team: Providing storytime and craft time monthly with our little friends at Head Start in the Bethel School District.
  4. Emergency Services: When Head Start teachers learn of a crisis going on with one of their student’s family life, they call Southtowne Rotary members for help. Rotary leaps to action, whether it’s providing a working refrigerator or helping a family to be housed rather than living in a car.
    1. Emergency food boxes go to families recommended by Community partners during the crisis. We are now just over 3000 boxes delivered since the beginning of the pandemic. With the partnerships of the Mission and Food for Lane County we are able to provide over 60 lbs of food & cleaning supplies per box for about $12. Now we are doing it about once per month.
  5. Community Partners Food Box Program: We provide boxes of non-perishable foods and school supplies to the food cupboards at three Head Start school locations, Downtown Languages, and Fairfield Elementary so that the educators there can provide food to families in need.
  6. Fairfield Elementary Support: Rotarians coach 3rd, 4th, and 5th-grade children for the Oregon Battle of the Books competition, meeting with children under the librarian’s supervision to help them comprehend what they are reading. The Spirit of Giving Program helps students select gifts for their family members.

Senior Support

  1. Meals on Wheels: Southtowne Rotarians hustles to deliver hot meals to senior citizens on a rotational basis.
Cam receiving an award from Rotary members

Our Current Community Providers