Hello, Southtowne Members.

This Page is For You.

The information on this page is public, so feel free to check it out if you are curious or interested in becoming a member of Rotary. This page is meant to be a helpful resource for Southtowne members…kind of like an electronic SpinOff newsletter. If you don’t see something you’re looking for, contact us! If you have anything to add, also let us know!

Check out the latest news, events, and good work of the
Eugene Southtowne Rotary Club.

Submit news, events, or interesting information by Monday
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Did You Miss A Meeting?

Each member needs to meet the following requirements:

  • Attend or make up at least 50% of your Rotary club meetings in each half of the year.
  • Attend at least 30% of your club’s meetings in each half of the year.
  • A member may not miss or fail to make up four consecutive meetings.
  • It’s your responsibility to send information about a make up to Nancy or record in the District Database (DACdb).

Interested in Becoming a Member? Download our application form here:

Weekly Duty Assignments

Set-up: 11:15 – John Pfanner
Greeter: 11:30 – Jean Stover
VISA-Raffle: 11:30 – Angela O’Brien – Glen Brigham
Thought for the Day: 12:00 – Kathi Hoffer
Take-down: John Pfanner

Avenues of Service and Committees

Below, you will find committees & members assigned to those committees. Want to join a committee or just learn more about what’s needed? Contact the chair (indicated with a “C” next to their name) to get involved!


Club Training Officer
Debbie Snow, C

Finance Committee
Walt Meyer, C
Amanda Adams
Ted Stevens

John Pfanner, C

Walt Meyer, C
Glen Brigham
Kathi Hoffer
Chris Waugh

Policy & Procedures
Steve Hutchinson, C
Christie McDonald
Ted Stevens

Local Community Service


The Homeless Youth Support Committee works with several community partners in the area to provide much-needed support. The partners we support are:

  • 15th Night RAN
  • Hosea Drop-in Center
  • Youth House
  • ECCO High School
  • Looking Glass (NEW!)

Members of the committee are:

  • Susie Andrist, C
  • Laura Abruzzini
  • Amanda Adams
  • Linda Anderson
  • Randy Bernstein
  • Linda Carnine
  • Nancy Glines
  • Kathi Hoffer
  • Lonny King
  • Leslie Parker
  • Bill Slattery
  • Lisette Spencer
  • Deborah Steely
  • Jean Stover
  • Grace Widdicombe
  • Renee Yandel
  • Sharon Graham


    Downtown Languages

    • Renee Yandell, C

      Opportunity Stipends

      • Camille Ronzio, C
      • Amanda Adams
      • Randy Bernstein
      • Nancy Glines
      • Kathi Hoffer
      • Travis Misfeldt
      • Gary Schweiger
      • Gerry Reicher
      • Kyle Williams

      Emergency Services

      • Camille Ronzio, C
      • Amanda Adams
      • Jim Anderson
      • Rick Duncan
      • Kathi Hoffer
      • Andrea Lamanna
      • Gerry Reicher
      • Gary Schweiger
      • Jean Stover
      • Grace Widdicombe

      Fairfield Elementary

      • Sarah Mellgren, C
      • Linda Anderson
      • Linda Carnine
      • Kathi Hoffer
      • Nancy Meyer
      • Leslie Parker
      • Camille Ronzio
      • Grace Widdicombe
      • Gary Brown


      • Mel Anderson
      • Sussy Burgess
      • Isabel Kelly
      • Janice Rode
      • Sue Sticka

      Food Boxes

      • Camille Ronzio, C
      • Laura Abruzzini
      • Feliepe Alonso
      • Jim Anderson
      • Willow Cordain
      • Jantzen Lloyd
      • Nancy Meyer
      • Walt Meyer
      • Sam Miller
      • Jean Stover

      Head Start

      • Camille Ronzio, C
      • Lonny King
      • Jessie Lopez
      • Doug Mozan
      • Bill Slattery
      • Ron Sticka
      • Kathileen Wagner
      • Chris Waugh
      • John Yaple


      • Mary Ellen King
      • Sandy Yaple

      Meals on Wheels

      • Rod Holst, C
      • Kathi Hoffer
      • Sam Miller
      • Leslie Parker
      • John Pfanner
      • Paul Riess
      • Jean Stover
      • Chris Waugh
      International Community Service

      Director: Anita Weiss

      Friendship Exchange

      • Camille Ronzio, CoC
      • Karen Fretwell
      • Anita Weiss

      Hospital Supply

      • John Pfanner, CoC
      • Ted Stevens
      • Sean McGann

      Peace Committee

      • Jim Anderson, CoC
      • Linda Carnine, CoC
      • Lonny King
      • Michael Lampe
      • Jantzen Lloyd
      • John Rivera

      World Community Service Committee

      • Kathi Hoffer, CoC
      • Jocelyne Bonner
      • Deborah Steely
      • Don Steely
      • Susie Andrist
      • Linda Carnine
      • Nancy Meyer
      • Grace Widdicome

      SVRGG (South Valley Rotary Grant Committee)

      • Linda Carnine, CoC
      • Kathi Hoffer, CoC
      Membership Services


      • Jean Stover
      • Laura Abruzzini
      • Susie Hanner


      • Glen Brigham
      • Sarah Mellgren
      • Jocelyn Bonner

      Membership Recognition

      • Rod Holst


      • Nancy Glines
      • Kathi Hoffer

      Vocational Services

      • Laura Abruzzini
      • Chris Waugh
      Public Relations


      • Deanna Rivera, C
      • Patric Miller


      • Deanna Rivera, C
      • Patric Miller
      • Grace Widdicombe
      • Chris Waugh

      Public Relations

      • Patric Miller, C


      • Kathi Hoffer, C
      • Laura Abruzzini
      • Karen Fretwell
      • Susie Hanner
      • Lonny King
      • Jessie Lopez
      • Christie McDonald
      • Nancy Meyer
      • Deanna Rivera
      • Camille Ronzio
      • Anita Weiss
      • Grace Widdicombe

      Rotary International Foundation

      • Nancy Meyer, C
      • Rick Duncan
      • Kathi Hoffer
      • Jantzen Lloyd
      • Paul Riess
      • Bill Slattery


      • Anita Weiss, C
      • Gary Brown
      • Karen Fretwell
      • Kathi Hoffer
      • Jantzen Lloyd
      • Jean Stover

      Sergeant at Arms

      • Doug Mozan,  C
        Youth Services

        4-Way Test Speech Contest

        • Carey Killen, C

        Interact-South Eugene High School

        • Debbie Snow, C

        RYLA Committee

        • Debbie Snow, C
        • Jay O’Leary

        Youth Exchange

        • Kate Stokes, YEO
        • Nick Balthrop
        • Lisa Bostwick
        • Deanna Rivera
        • Gary Schwieger
        • Anita Weiss
        Southtowne Rotary Foundation

        President: Christie McDonald
        Past President: Steve Hutchinson
        VP: Paul Riess
        Secretary: Susie Andrist
        Treasurer: Ted Stevens
        Gary Brown
        Joelle Goodwin
        Andrea Lamanna
        Sam Miller
        Scholarship Committee:
        Gary Brown, Co-C
        Nancy Hughes, Co-C
        Harry Andrist
        Randy Bernstein
        Suzanne Buechler
        Sam Miller
        Kyle Williams

        Paul Harris Fellows

        Amanda Adams, PHF
        Matt Adams, PHF+1
        Linda Anderson, PHF
        Susie Andrist, PHF+8, Bq
        Jim Anderson, PHF
        Nick Balthrop, PHF
        Charles Beaudet, PHF+2
        Randy Bernstein, PHF+1
        * Dick Briggs, PHF+8, B, MD
        * Sally Briggs, PHF+8, B, MD
        Glen Brigham, PHF+3
        * Gary Brown, PHF+4, Bq
        John H. Brown, PHF+8
        LInda Carnine, PHF+6
        Paul Colvin, PHF+4
        Rick Duncan, PHF+8, MD
        Karen Fretwell, PHF
        Nancy Glines, PHF
        Joelle Goodwin, PHF
        Kathi Hoffer, PHF+8
        Rod Holst, PHF+3
        Nancy Hughes, PHF+8, MD
        Dick Hulse, PHF+4, Bq
        Steve Hutchinson, PHF+4, Bq
        * Charles Johnson, PHF+2
        Lonny King, PHF+5
        Steve Koester, S
        Andy Laird, PHF
        Andrea Lamanna, PHF
        Mike Lampe, PHF+1
        Frank Lawson, PHF
        Jantzen Lloyd, PHF+2
        Margaret McKimmey Malcolm, PHF+3
        Jim Martin, PHF+5, B
        Christie McDonald, PHF+5
        Sean McGann, PHF+1
        Sarah Mellgren, PHF
        Nancy Meyer, PHF+6
        Walter Meyer, PHF+6
        Sam Miller, PHF
        Travis Misfeldt, PHF
        Michael Mooser, PHF+8
        Douglas Mozan, PHF
        * Jay O’Leary, PHF+4
        * Mary O’Leary, PHF+3, B
        Leslie Parker, PHF+2
        John Pfanner,III, PHF+2
        Mike Raz, PHF+8, Bq
        Paul Riess, PHF+6
        Deanna Rivera, PHF
        John Rivera, PHF
        Camille Ronzio, PHF+2
        Gary Schwieger, PHF+4
        Bill Slattery, PHF+3, B
        Debbie Snow, PHF+2
        Don Steely, PHF
        Ted Stevens, PHF+8, Bq
        Ron Sticka, PHF+2
        Kate Stokes, PHF+1
        Jean Stover, PHF+2
        Kathileen Wagner, PHF
        Chris Waugh, PHF+5
        Grace Widdicome, PHF+1
        Kyle Williams, PHF
        Renee Yandel, PHF


        * Current as of May 2021

        Paul Harris Fellows Key:

        A Paul Harris Fellow is a Rotary member who has completed one or more $1,000 gifts to The Rotary Foundation (TRF). The number in brackets indicates how many Fellows have been completed by each member.

        All Southtowne members (except Honorary members) who have
        made — or are in the process of making — at least one gift are listed
        above. The designation of ‘PHF’ indicates one Paul Harris has
        been completed. The number following shows how many
        additional PHFs have been funded.

        S = Sustainer: members in the process of completing their first Fellow.
        PHF = Paul Harris Fellow: member has completed one Paul Harris
        gift of $1,000.
        B = Benefactor: gifts of cash or inclusion in one’s will for $1,000
        or more.
        Bq = Bequest Society: gifts of cash or inclusion in one’s will for
        $10,000 or more.
        MD = Major Donor: Accumulative giving of $10,000 or more.

        Past Southtowne Presidents
        • 1975-77 Richard McClintic **
        • 1977-78 Larry Gruman **
        • 1978-79 Norman Stone **
        • 1979-80 Len Taylor
        • 1980-81 Robert Kime **
        • 1981-82 Robert Wright **
        • 1982-83 Ron Delaney
        • 1983-84 Bill Slattery
        • 1984-85 Don Warner **
        • 1985-86 Ron Greer **
        • 1986-87 Lauren Alexander**
        • 1987-88 Gerry Gaydos
        • 1988-89 Jim Helbling
        • 1989-90 Glen Thomet
        • 1990-91 Jon Hunter/Vacant
        • 1991-92 Mike Kehoe/Jim Martin
        • 1992-93 Jim Martin
        • 1993-94 Karl Rymer **
        • 1994-95 Jim Antonini
        • 1995-96 Bob Poppen **
        • 1996-97 Mary Glass O’Leary
        • 1997-98 Dick Smith **
        • 1998-99 Bert Toepel
        • 1999-00 Bruce Shaw**
        • 2000-01 Michael Raz
        • 2001-02 Christie McDonald
        • 2002-03 Paul Riess
        • 2003-04 Steve Hutchinson
        • 2004-05 Sally Briggs
        • 2005-06 Maurice Moore **
        • 2006-07 George Kloeppel **
        • 2007-08 Bill Martin
        • 2008-09 Ron Sticka
        • 2009-10 Frank Lambe
        • 2010-11 Mitch Hagstrom
        • 2011-12 George Rode
        • 2012-13 Andrea Lamanna
        • 2013-14 Ted Stevens
        • 2014-15 Lonny King
        • 2015-16 Doug Mozan
        • 2016-17 Bruce Shaw**
        • 2017-18 Susie Hanner
        • 2018-19 Walt Meyer
        • 2019-20 Glen Brigham
        • 2021-21 Christine Waugh

        Bold: current active Southtowne members

        District Service

        District Membership

        • Christine Waugh, C

        Friendship Exchange

        • Camille Ronzio, C


        • Debbie, Snow, C

        Past Assistant District Governor

        • Steve Hutchinson
        • Mary O’Leary
        german exchange team

        The German Rotary Exchange Team in Eugene in May 2016. We are forever grateful for the opportunity to meet fellow Rotarians throughout the world.