Eugene Southtowne Rotary Board of Directors


February 21st, 2024

Members Present: The following Board Members and Club Officers were present in the room at the beginning of the Meeting: Joelle Goodwin, Renee Yandel, Randy Bernstein, Travis Misfeldt, Karen Fretwell, Kathi
Hoffer, Linda Anderson, Mary Fitz

1. Call to Order: The meeting was called to order at 5:38 pm. Review of Agenda & Propose Additions

2. Adoption of Minutes: The January minutes were approved. Kathi moves, Travis second, all in favor

3. Financial/Treasurer Report:
January Revenue – Increased revenue, dues were almost 10k, Foundation sent the final payment
January Expense – RI dues and Presidents Seminar
January net: $6,928.70

Budget vs Actual as of 1/31/24

4. Income:
Dues are behind- Will request list from Angela
Polio Plus income behind- does member donation to Polio Plus go towards club goal? Will get information from Sara RE:individual member donations 

5. Expenses:
Membership Development- could we use balance to support RI?
Food Box- will likely need additional funds, Foundation received 5k grant for food box and would like to reserve some for next Fiscal Year
Need to write check to San Miguel
South Valley Rotary Grant Committee – each club puts $1050 into this for global grants and each club gets a turn. Angela wrote a check, they did not receive it. She issued another and they cashed both.
Possible that these were both due, one for last year paid late and one for this year paid early. Kathy will facilitate recon between the SVRF and Club payments
Line 3352 appears to be missing expenses

6. Treasurer Report:
Issue with member fees is resolved
Summary Approval: Karen moves, Kathi seconds, all in favor
Vote to send 2 members to RLI-Kathi moves, Karen seconds, all in favor

7. Fundraising Report:
Raffle- Launch on March 15th , sell 400 tickets, $25/each= Goal 900 | Travis to research licensing
Game night – small silent auction at Garden Club- likely in May, wine, group game
Local 541 Site- local businesses to contribute items that we auction
Board member solicitation, 15-20 folks could reach out to contacts/ also should each be selling tickets
Matthew Knight Fundraiser – 2 more games, 6k expected

8. President Report:
Joelle travel season beginning- proposal to combine March and April- agreed next meeting April 3 rd
Treasurer recruit- Will ask Club to refer for position

9. Directors’ Reports:
In addition to submitted reports:
Administration (Travis) – No new report
Local Community Service (Grace) – Reviewed reports
International Projects (Anita)  –  Kathi reports, San Miguel Allende end October or November invite/program set. RFE going strong, incoming and outgoing. Trip to Uganda being set up. Still working to support Project Amigo & Rwanda English Program
Membership (Kathi) – Another new member at Springs
PR (Deanna) – No new report
Resources (Karen) – No new report
Youth Services (Doug) – No report
Social Committee – Joelle will take this on for next year
Foundation – Request that they come to April 3rd Board meeting. Planning to present at regular Club meeting late April.
Springs (Mary) – Slower since December, meeting 1st and 3rd Tuesday of the month.
Service Network (Chris) – Active group, adding volunteers. Dr. Kim Cronin is training to become Secretary. Recommendation to send more members to RLI

10. Adjournment: The Meeting was adjourned at 7:06PM. The Board’s next Meeting is scheduled for April 3, 2024, at 5:30PM.