Eugene Southtowne Rotary Board of Directors


February 15th, 2023

A regular Board Meeting of the Eugene Southtowne Rotary Club (“Club”) took place on February 15, 2023. The Meeting was conducted live at Travis’ office (1396 Charnelton Street, Eugene, OR 97401) and virtually by Zoom

Members Present: The following Board Members and Club Officers were present in the room at the beginning of the Meeting: Travis Misfeldt; Angela O’Brien; Kathi Hoffer; Randy Bernstein; Doug Mozan; and Anita Weiss. Grace Widdicombe was present by Zoom. Board Member Deanna Rivera was also present by Zoom for part of the Meeting.

1. Call to Order: President Randy Bernstein (“Randy”) called the Meeting to order at 5:40PM.

2. Adoption of Minutes: Minutes from the Board’s January, 2023, Meeting were offered for approval by the Board Members in attendance and approved by those Members.

3. New Members/Charter Event:

Chris Waugh was not present, but Kathi read a report from Chris about a Chartering Event to be held for the Southtowne Service Network at Drop Bear Brewery on February 21, 2023. Randy asked that Board Members who were able attend the event. Kathi proposed two new Club Members for admission to the Club prior to the Chartering Event, noting in making the proposal that neither proposed Member had had their application published in the Spin-Off yet. The two Proposed Members at issue (Wendy Wescott and Helen Williams) were each conditionally approved, pending the publication of their applications in the Spin-Off for two consecutive weeks. A third new Member, Leroy Sherman, was proposed by Kathi, with a second from Doug, for membership in the Club’s Satellite at the Springs. Mr. Sherman was also conditionally approved, and Grace indicated each of these three applications would be published in the Spin-Off for the Club’s February 16, 2023, Regular Meeting.

4. IRS Penalty:

Randy advised the Board generally about an IRS Penalty Notice that the Club received in early February, 2023. The Notice assessed a significant penalty for the Club’s late filing of its 2020 tax return. Angela provided some background on the situation, indicating that the filing oversight was discovered when the Club was working with its accountant, Kris Zito, on its most recent filing. Angela also indicated that all required returns had now been filed, and that she would provide copies of the returns she had to Travis for further action. Travis offered to prepare a letter to the IRS addressing the situation and asking for relief from the penalty.

5. Financials/Membership:

January, 2023, Financials for the Club were offered for review by the Board Members in attendance by Angela. Some discussion was had in relation to checks that had been sent by Angela but not received by their intended recipients. Discussion was also had in relation to changes to two budget lines in the Club’s current budget that were approved by the Board. Kathi indicated that she would follow up with Deborah and Don Steely about information and receipts that are needed to document correctly the grant they received. The Club received a letter with dues through June, 2023, from Club Member Mike Mooser.

6. Merchant Fees:

Angela prepared and delivered a report to Randy discussing how much the Club has been paying in merchant fees related to the use of credit cards by Club Members at Club lunches and other Club functions. Doug stated his view that a couple of months of data would probably be necessary before the Board could really address the topic with full information. Randy indicated that he would be making an appointment at the Club’s bank to discuss the situation. Angela encouraged the use of cash and checks to reduce the Club’s merchant fees.

7. Fundraising:

Randy reported that the Club has earned $4,700 from its fundraising efforts at Matthew Knight Arena and was on track to receive a total of $5,300 from that effort. The Club’s upcoming PolioPlus fundraiser was also discussed. In that context, Randy mentioned that Delta Rotary would be splitting expenses on that fundraiser with the Club and also indicated that only 18 tickets had been purchased by Club Members for the fundraiser. The Club’s goal for Member ticket purchases is 30, so Randy asked the Board to keep working on attendance there. Randy also stated that he was planning to meet with incoming Club President Joelle Goodwin and others about fundraising next year after Joelle returns from PETS. A grant from the WLS Spencer Foundation and other pending fundraising efforts were also discussed.

8. Deanna Rivera: Efforts to support Board Member Deanna Rivera in her battle against cancer were discussed. Deanna provided a personal update on her situation early in the Meeting and received the Club’s best wishes and support from Randy while present at the Meeting. After Deanna left, the Board was advised about the details of Deanna’s next steps in treatment and was directed to the Spin-Off for further information about fundraising being done for Deanna.

9. Participation in Airport Fundraising: Randy provided an update on the health of Airport Rotary Member Glen Martz, who is recovering from a heart attack. Randy indicated that Mr. Martz was instrumental in getting the Club involved in fundraising at Matt Knight Arena and also noted that Airport Rotary had been a consistent participant in the Club’s scholarship giving in the past through its Foundation. Randy polled the Board for interest a Club gift to Airport’s Foundation in recognition of Mr. Martz and his help to our Club. Doug indicated that such a gift could be made through our Club’s Foundation, and Randy indicated that he’d be talking to the Club’s Foundation about making such a gift.

10. Directors’ Reports/Other Business: Grace called out Camille Ronzio for Camille’s ability to involve lots of Club Members in the projects that Camille leads. Grace also noted that Leslie Parker is ready to assume a leadership role in the Club’s Meals on Wheels project for ailing Club Member Rod Holst. Kathi said that she’d take charge of the Club’s resources that are available to Camille in her various projects. Anita led a discussion about upcoming Rotary Friendship Exchange (“RFE”) events in her capacity as a Member of the Committee in charge of RFE for the Club. Randy noted that Ted Stevens has handed his responsibilities at Southtowne’s Foundation to Matt Adams, and scholarships were briefly discussed. Kathi circulated the current list of upcoming presenters at the Club for Board review. Randy’s Passing of the Gavel was scheduled for June 29, 2023. Anita suggested that presenters at the Club should receive a thank you letter after their presentation. Randy said that was a good idea and that he’d work on a form for one.

11. Adjournment: The Meeting was adjourned at 6:47PM. The Board’s next Meeting is scheduled for March 15, 2023, at 5:30PM.