Eugene Southtowne Rotary Board of Directors


January 25th, 2023

Members Present: Chris Waugh, Travis Misfeldt, Charles Johnson, Randy Bernstein, Angela O’Brien, Linda Anderson, Nancy Glines, Kathi Hoffer, Sean McGann, Anita Weiss, Deanna Rivera, Joelle Goodwin, Camille Ronzio.

1. Call to Order:  Meeting commenced on time @ 1730 Hours

2. Adoption of Minutes: Kathi moved to approve, second by Charles – Motion passed.

3. Satellite Club review – Chris Waugh

    • This is a charter club, meeting evenings at the Drop Bear brewery in South Eugene.
    • Chris Waugh and Roger Devers will be moving to this club
    • Meets evenings, bi-weekly.
    • There is an event planned for Tues, Feb 21, 1730-1900
    • Board approved $300 for this club’s event
    • 8 new members of this Satellite were presented with bios for consideration.
      • Doug moved to approve all 8, second by Nancy. – Motion passed.

4. Finance Report – Angela:

    • The Club made $1286 in December 2022
    • We raised $430 for SEHS Choir, and gave an additional $70 to make an even $500.
    • P&L showed a loss for December, but our $57K bank balance placed this well within bounds.
    • Line 3105 Merchant Fees are consistently over $500 in 2022-3, with only 1000 allocated.
      • Doug moved to increase the budget. Travis seconded. – Motion Passed.

5. President’s Report – Randy

    • Looking at WLS Spencer Foundation to support AVID scholarships.
        • They are proposing a give of about $80K over 5 years.

      Kathi Hoffer is moving to Membership Director

    • Sean McGann is the President Elect Nominee
    • Kate Stokes is stepping away from Rotary for family and student endeavors.

6. Director’s Reports:

  • PR – Deanna
    • Pat/Chris/Grace covering down on Spinoffs of late.
    • Members should send Spinoff material to:
    • We’re adding a section to the Spinoff for cooperating organizations
    • Members should continue to give website updates to Deanna.
  • Membership – Kathi
    • Presented John McCarthy for new membership. Anita seconded. – Passed
  • Int’l Service – Anita
    • Need a co-chair for hospital supply
    • Need to confirm friendship visit details
  • Local Service – Camille
    • Springs Satellite bought 20 boxes of craft supplies for Headstart, and 5 for Downtown Languages.
    • All donated supplies included Rotary branding.
    • Proposed Platelet drive in honor of Rod Holst, who has MDS
  • Springs – Charles
    • Looking for new members with 3 prospects identified.
  • Foundation – Joelle
    • MKA concessions fundraising has reduced the total number of volunteers. Our
      number stands at 3 for now, and we’ve already raised $3K.
    • Karaoke Night has been moved to March 5 in a joint Southtowne/Delta event.

7. New Business – Randy:

  • A budget adjustment was proposed for our sponsored child through Project Amigo. Her costs have increased from the budgeted $600/year to $4000, as she is now at University.
    • Motion to increase budget annually from $600-1K Randy moved, Kathi seconded. – Motion passed.

8. Next meeting: February 15, 2020, at 5:30 PM – Joelle will miss this so she can prepare for PETS.