Weekly Programs

Southtowne Rotary features a unique speaker every Thursday at 12:00pm at the Eugene Mission. Contact us if you would like to join. Speakers include community leaders, business professionals, members, non-profit organizations, entertainers, and much more. Weekly programs are 20-30 minutes in length and are informative, educational, helpful, or humorous.

Interested in Speaking at Southtowne Rotary?


Upcoming Meeting Schedule

October 14

Steve Killelea, World Peace Project.

As a global philanthropist, Steve Killelea — the founder and executive chairman of the Institute for Economics and Peace — has laid the foundations to develop an entirely new understanding of peace.

October 21

UO Daniel Xiong, Oregon Youth Authority.

As part of Oregon’s juvenile justice system, the Oregon Youth Authority (OYA) holds youth accountable and provides them with opportunities for reformation, either on parole or probation in the community or inside secure facilities.

October 28

Meeting Social.