Weekly Programs

weekly programs

Southtowne Rotary features a unique speaker at every Thursday at 12:00pm for a lunch meeting. Speakers include community leaders, business professionals, members, non-profit organizations, entertainers, and much more. Weekly programs are 20-30 minutes in length and are informative, educational, helpful, or humorous.

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Upcoming Schedule

The following will be updated regularly as new programs are added. If you have an idea for a speaker, or would like to be one, let us know.

November 22 l No Meeting

Happy Thanksgiving!

November 29 l Mental Health at the Lane County Jail with Cheryl Gifford, PhD

Cheryl Gifford is the Mental Health Supervisor/Psychologist at Lane County Jail. She will be speaking about the mental health needs in this area and about services provided at the jail. LCAC is one of the largest providers of mental health treatment in the whole county. You’d be surprised to know how much mental health treatment goes on there.

December 6 l AVID, Randy Bernstein

Advancement Via Individual Determination (AVID) is an elective class offering rigorous curriculum to promote student achievement. AVID teaches college readiness skills and is available to all students but especially those who would be first generation college students. The program looks for students who are passing their classes, but who can and will earn higher grades with the additional support that will help them in pursuing a college education.