our service projects

Rotary’s mission is “Service above Self” and Southtowne members live out that mission in many ways both here in our local community of Eugene and Lane County as well as through support of larger international projects and organizations.

Each Southtowne member has the ability to work on a project already developed or to begin a project that they believe in. In fact, all of the projects below were instigated by a chapter member who had a heart to make a difference. In some cases, large non-profit organizations with worldwide recognition have developed from a seed planted in our club.

This is the best part about being a Rotarian. If you’ve ever wanted to change the world, that change can begin here. Get involved. Plant a seed. Whatever your heart calls you to do, Rotary provides the tools and funding to make it happen.

Local Service Projects

We support the following local service projects. Click here to learn more about our guiding principles or click on one of the projects to dive in to what we’re doing right now!

International Service Projects

Currently we support the following international service projects and organizations. Click here to learn more about our efforts in international service or click on one of the links below to explore something specific.