Service Projects

Rotary’s mission of “Service above Self” is ingrained in the ethos of Southtowne Eugene Rotary, where members actively embody this principle both locally and globally. Each member has the autonomy to engage in existing projects or initiate new ones aligned with their passions and convictions. Remarkably, many of the impactful projects undertaken by the club originated from the heartfelt initiatives of individual members, sometimes blossoming into large-scale non-profit organizations with global reach.

Being a Rotarian offers a unique opportunity to effect meaningful change. It’s about more than just service; it’s about igniting transformation. Whether it’s addressing local needs or tackling global challenges, Southtowne Rotarians exemplify the spirit of service in diverse projects. From community outreach to youth engagement to international initiatives, there’s a place for everyone to contribute, regardless of their availability or specialization. The SpinOff newsletter serves as a valuable resource, connecting members with project opportunities and committee chairs to facilitate further engagement. In Rotary, the power to make a difference is within reach—plant a seed of change and watch it grow with the support and resources Rotary provides.

Local Community Services

With a wide range of community volunteers, Southtowne Rotary harnesses the power of people who love to serve others above themselves and bring to life many programs to educate, feed, and provide relief to individuals and families, especially in this time of crisis.

Southtowne strives to improve the lives of people in our community. Currently, there are 14 programs in place through the generosity of Rotarians and friends to reach out and serve community members in Eugene and Springfield.

The programs range from serving people suffering homelessness, to helping families put food on the table and educate their children, to serving meals to senior citizens.

We work with community partners who provide Southtowne Rotary with requests for help. Our community partners span from educators to mission servants.

Our Current Community Providers

International Service Projects

Engaging in service trips to Latin America and Africa offers both incredible enjoyment and immense fulfillment, undoubtedly leaving a profound impact on your life. Witnessing the stark lack of resources that many people across the world contend with, you’ll recognize how a modest investment of money and thoughtful effort can yield monumental changes.

Moreover, these experiences will unveil valuable lessons for us as visitors, demonstrating how even with minimal possessions, these communities derive profound happiness from life’s simple pleasures. Initial hesitance on the part of the local people toward international volunteers gradually transforms into warm invitations into their homes, introductions to their families, and inclusion in their celebrations by the time volunteers depart. This journey unveils authentic insights into the lifestyles, joys, and challenges of these non-touristic economies. 

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International Organizations