Investing in real estate is difficult at times, and getting into this arena without the help of others who have gone before you make it really challenging. That’s why Grace founded the local Oregon Real Estate Investors Association (REIA). Grace is a real estate investor, landlord, home flipper, and a note investor. On top of all of that, she is the director of our local service projects at Southtowne Rotary.

In our most recent meeting, Southtowne Rotarian Grace Widdicombe spoke to us about the Oregon Real Estate Investors Association. The REIA has expanded to cover the Eugene Springfield area, Corvallis, Lebanon, and most recently, Bend.

What is REIA?

REIA holds many events and meetings for real estate investors around the state each month. Topics covered at events range from marketing in real estate, investing in Bend, creative financing, and even mystery meetings. Having the motto of “Together, We’re Better” describes the group perfectly. They work to have collaboration in the real estate world that helps everyone involved. Get to know other real estate investors in a fun, friendly, and educational environment!

Grace brought a few REIA members of the real estate community to share some of their positive experiences from joining the group. The group consists of investors, flippers, inspectors, insurance sellers, Airbnb owners, landlords, and more. Connecting with local contacts can be a tremendous aid in the real estate business.

The real estate market in Eugene is hot hot hot! If you are in the real estate industry or thinking of jumping into investing in property, this group could be of great benefit to you. To learn more about REIA and to hear stories from members, watch the video recording of our Thursday Rotarian meeting below.