Presented by Jim Coonan, Executive Director of Regional Accelerator and Innovation Network (RAIN)

  • RAIN’s mission is to help entrepreneurs with great ideas toward success in order to create more jobs in our community.
  • A Kauffman study found that all the new jobs came from companies established within the past 5 years. Great startups do well even during a recession.
  • However, there are lots of great ideas but very few successful companies.
  • Increasing (doubling) the odds involves small amounts of resident capital, mentors, networking, accelerator programs and supporting services like physical spaces and access to equipment and labs.
  • RAIN came out of Regional Solutions and is a partnership of higher ed, the business community, and entrepreneurs to advance the formation and growth of tech based startups in our region.
  • RAIN’s footprint is for our region.
  • RAIN’s strategy is to launch accelerators in Eugene and Corvallis (8-12 weeks) which includes overview and improvement of business plans. Second, connecting these entrepreneurs with regional resources. Third, developing early stage capital.
  • RAIN launched this past year with a board to include mayors of Eugene and Springfield. Accelerators are based off campus in Eugene and Corvallis. Legislative funding has been promised pending community matching funds.

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