Dear Southtowne Rotary Members,

I am both humbled and proud to be embarking on this one year journey as president of our outstanding club. Humbled because I’ve come to know so many other amazing, resourceful, caring, fun, generous, and active club members whom I look up to and learn from.  And proud of the spirit of service and fun that our club embodies.  We get a lot done, and we have fun doing it!

I joined Rotary nearly 17 years ago, knowing very little about it, even though I grew up just a mile from Evanston, Illinois which some would say is the center of the Rotary universe.  I had just begun my tenure as South Eugene HS principal when a past member of our club paid me a visit, gently took my wrist, and told me that becoming a Southtowne member was part of the job.  I didn’t argue, and I’m glad for that!  For many years, I found my niche as a conduit with our club’s activities that involved youth services.  I’ve continued to enjoy this aspect of our club, but as I learned more about the many ways our club works to improve others’ lives, I became excited to dive in deeper.

And that’s a big piece of my vision for the club.  I hope our membership will find ways to dive in a bit deeper.  Even if that translates to just one or two things.  Maybe try volunteering for one of our many projects or committees that you’ve not yet served but find interesting.  Our Directors of Local, International, and Youth service, for example, support their committees’ projects that always welcome new energy.   Or maybe attend a social event or fundraiser that you haven’t gone to before.  Our Directors of Membership and Resources are working with their various committees to plan fun events, welcome new members, and raise funds that we use to literally transform people’s lives.  Our Directors of Public Relations and Administration also offer opportunities to engage in our club.

I’ve always found that when you get involved in doing good, you find yourself spending time with really good people.  That’s one of the best things about Rotary!  Please come and have lunch with other members at our annual “Club Assembly” during our noon meeting on Thursday, July 7, at The Eugene Mission to hear more.  Members of our board will share some ideas for the upcoming year, and we’ll convene table talks to help gather your ideas, as well!  Thank you for affording me this opportunity to serve as club president.

In service above self,