As a board member and volunteer of WREN (Willamette Resources & Education Network), Ron Leonard shared with us what is happening with the ecosystems of the West Eugene wetlands.

WREN is a private nonprofit on a mission to practice and promote land stewardship through education, partnerships and scientific research. They are located in the West Eugene Wetlands which are comprised of 3-4000 acres of rare wetland and upland habitat, home to hundreds of plants and animals including three threatened and endangered species.

WREN’s education programs engage a wide variety of educational groups and are designed to meet Next Generation Science Standards. WREN gives community members and students opportunities to teach, research, create, dream, explore, speak out and make a difference.

Here are a few notes from Ron Leonard’s presentation:

  • The bike path goes right through the West Eugene Wetlands.
  • WREN is not an advocacy group.
  • Current activities include school, family, adult, and community education and outreach.
  • WREN has two half-time staff members and many volunteers.
  • Volunteer opportunities include becoming an educator, photographer, fundraiser, event planner, citizen scientist, board member, and community or classroom educator.
  • Potential growth areas include a mobile classroom, broadening their geographical scope beyond West Eugene (like Delta Ponds)

Learn more about WREN here.