Hand Blown Hope Ornaments

To Brighten Someone’s Day

With COVID19, life is challenging!  Do you know someone who needs a day brightener?  Someone who needs some Hope in these troubling times? Send a unique, handblown glass HOPE ORNAMENT to hang in their window and remind them that you care.

These Hope Ornaments were created by the late Hal Lindsley at his studio in the Coast Range where he created works of art since 1950. Through his creativity, he crafted each Hope Ornament to be unique for the recipient.

Please DONATE today.

Comes in 3 styles (ornament, bell, swirl). For each ornament- donate at least $20. Each will include a Hope card, a hanger and cord for hanging in a window. 

Make the world a place of HOPE!  Order now!


All profits go to the projects of Eugene Southtown Rotary.

  • Fill out recipient’s name and address.
  • Ornaments will be sent directly to the recipient.
  • Please donate at least $20 per ornament.
  • Includes a Hope card, a hanger and cord for hanging in a window.
Please donate at least $20
Thank you for your donation!