ken goyer humanitarian service awardKen Goyer Humanitarian Service Award

Ken Goyer, the founder of Aid Africa, worked tirelessly at home and abroad to bring fuel-efficient stoves, health programs and clean water to thousands of indigenous people around the world, but his primary focus was helping the people of northern Uganda and Darfur. He was a humble man, but many would regard his devotion and achievements with awe. He was not just a man of vision of hope for change; he performed with dedication to bring about change. Through his service he saved lives and made life more tolerable for those in dire need, even at risk to his own health.

Ken worked as long as he could, but passed away June 6, 2010, at the age of 66. The principles of Rotary were in Ken long before he joined our club; but we are proud to have had Ken among our ranks at Eugene Southtowne Rotary. He was designated our “hero” and given special recognition by our District 5110 governor in 2009.

We believe it’s fitting that Ken’s memory and recognition of his devotion to Rotary’s motto of “service above self” is best preserved by honoring in his name other local people who have demonstrated their own commitment to personal sacrifice in service to others. Financial support, while important, is not the same as providing direct contact and physical labor in the truest spirit of service. Our thanks to all such people!

Criteria for nomination:

  • Legal resident of Lane County
  • May be Rotarian or non-Rotarian
  • Recognition is for service to humanity, foreign or domestic

Nominations must be received by Dec 31 of the year preceding the year of recognition. Submit nominations online or to the club secretary.

The nomination should be in the following general format and may be submitted by mail, email, or contact form:

  • Address
  • Email
  • Name of person nominated
  • Address of person nominated
  • Description of service to humanitarian goals and results

Congratulations to our Ken Goyer Award Winners:

2019: No award given

2018: Burnell Ambrose

2017: Christie McDonald

2016: Camille Ronzio

2015: Bert Toepel

2014: Dick and Sally Briggs

2013: Lauren Alexander

2012: Nancy Hughes

2011: Larry Winiarski

In recognition and appreciation of your service and your selfless work and dedication to the principles espoused by Eugene Southtowne Rotary and Rotary International by enabling others to help themselves.