AVID, also known as Advancement Via Individual Determination, is a global non-profit organization that focuses on closing the achievement gap for students. It does so by preparing students for college and other post-secondary opportunities. This organization trains teachers and educators to use proven practices to prepare students for success in high school, college, and a career. AVID is especially dedicated to helping students that are traditionally underrepresented in higher education.

At each school AVID works with, their process is carried out through two different levels. Initially, students are carefully recruited for an AVID Elective class, with priority given for those students who would be first generation college students. The class meets daily, including Socratic style tutorial sessions every Tuesday and Thursday, led by college tutors who are paid in part through federal work study funds. In fact, every dollar we raise for AVID at the Wine and Salmon Festival event will be matched by a federal work study dollar to support tutoring at our local high schools. The college students all qualify for financial assistance and are in turn helping our AVID students to prepare for success in college.

Meanwhile, AVID works for all students on a school wide level by providing research‐based strategies and curriculum to all content area classrooms. The AVID System annually provides 60,000+ teachers with training and methodologies that develop students’ critical thinking, literacy, and math skills across all content areas throughout the entire campus. This is what we call School-wide AVID.

Its impact is huge. AVID seniors outpace the national average of enrolling in either a two- or four-year college the first fall term after high school. This success is remarkable considering it’s population is largely comprised of students typically underrepresented in higher education. Furthermore, graduates “stick with it”—applying the learning, study, and academic behavioral skills gained through AVID—to succeed in rigorous college coursework year after year. Their college persistence rates are better than the national average. And for just one local example, 100% of last year’s AVID graduation class of 22 seniors at Churchill High School were all accepted to four-year colleges; all planned to enroll in college; and collectively they earned over a half million dollars in college scholarships.

In recent years, the Eugene School District has appreciated annual contributions of $2,400 from Southtowne Rotary to help fund AVID, and with this year’s special appeal, Southtowne will play an even greater role in supporting AVID tutorial which is a foundational element of the AVID system.



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January 19, 2017