Fairfield Elementary School

Fairfield Elementary School

Eugene Southtowne has worked with Fairfield Elementary School for many years. Every year, at the Spirit of Giving, students purchase holiday gifts for their families using good behavior coupons. In recent years, Southtowne members have collected DVD’s, CD’s, books, etc., for this event, then organized gift items and worked with students as they selected family gifts as well as books for themselves.

Each year teams of Fairfield students participate in the Oregon Battle of the books (aka OBOB), reading as many as 16 designated books and preparing for a question/answer competition. Eugene Southtowne members have coached the teams, with a record of 10 teams coached by Southtowne members last year. For the past 3 years, Kathi Hoffer’s teams have won the school competition. A celebration pizza lunch and an OBOB book for each participant completes this competition each year.

Eugene Southtowne members also assist with a Literacy or Math/Science night, which is organized by teachers each year. Eight classrooms have activities for students to complete with their families. Southtowners have helped the teachers in each classroom and have handed out books to each child who attends.

Contact Kathi Hoffer if you are interested in helping out!



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February 4, 2016