New Members Proposed

New Members Proposed

Last Updated: 12/4/18

If you have a potential new member to propose, submit a Member Application. Complete it yourself and turn it into a membership committee member.

I am recommending John Yaple for membership in Southtowne Rotary. His sponsor is John Pfanner who met John Yaple in planning for Rotary Duck race recipients. John has retired from working in the insurance industry. He was a former member of the Medford Rotary club from 1984 through 2004 and served a term as their president. After leaving Rotary, his life took a busy path and he remained out of Rotary due to those obligations. As his life has “calmed” somewhat, he came to the recruitment night and signed an application form. He has past knowledge of Rotary and excited about returning to “the days where I felt good about helping people.”

~ Glen Brigham

If you have a comment about John Yaple, please contact President Walt or a member of the board by Friday, December 7th.