Proposed New Members:


Susan Stafford has been helping with Southtowne projects like food boxes and Meals on Wheels even before becoming a confirmed member! She is sponsored by Jean Stover. Susan is a retired RN who worked as an independent consultant. She has 5 children. Her interests include walking, reading, choral singing, and hiking. She is willing to help with local and International projects as we as social functions and fundraising events. She looks like she will be a great addition to Southtowne. If you have any concerns please contact Kathi Hoffer.

Betty Holst also wants to join Southtowne. She had a “29-year romance” with Rod Holst, long-term Southtowne Rotarian who recently passed away. She was a hairdresser for years, owning 4 salons along the way. She’s now retired, which means she only works on her friends’ hair in her kitchen “salon.” Betty loves spending time with her family and is very active in her church. For fun, she loves to sing and play cornet, volunteer, and pull weeds. She’s sure to make a great Rotarian. If you have questions, direct them to Membership Chair Kathi Hoffer.