Proposed New Members:

We have a new prospective member! Current members will have an opportunity to meet Sylvia Ryan and provide feedback for one more week.

Here is Sylvia’s bio:

Sylvia is passionate about children’s education. Her dedication to these causes comes from her personal experience. At the age of 11, Sylvia lost her mom and that resulted in her struggle to complete her education.

Sylvia was lucky enough to complete school, and she has made it her mission to work for social change and become an advocate for children’s education across the globe. Sylvia served as UN Global Youth Ambassador with a World at school 2014-2020 as well as Rotaract President Cavendish University Uganda 2014-2016. She has won several awards including being named among 2017 Most Influential Young African.

She is currently working as an administrator at Global Tours & Travel-USA in Eugene, Oregon, and more so, as National Coordinator in the “Future We Want” Model United Nations program, at World Council for Youth and Diplomacy in New York City.