presented by Rebecca Sprinson, Development Director

The mission at Oregon Supported Living Program is to enhance the lives of adults with developmental disabilities by providing person-centered residential, vocational and supported living programs with emphasis on the arts and community integration.

Everything OSLP does is aimed at changing the model from “cookie cutter” where one program fits all to individualized help for their clients.

OSLP’s Residential Program (Group Homes) is a residential community that has at its core health and safety, person-centered care, and community. This program is for individuals with pretty high needs.

OSLP’s Supported Living Program is for adults that can live independently but need assistance with financial planning, accessing services, medical support, etc.

OSLP’s Arts and Culture program is one of only a few in the nation. This allows those with disabilities to express themselves and connect to others. It stretches the imagination of participants and helps bridge the gap caused by differences. Included is music, painting, and dance. There is a gallery where artwork is displayed at 4th and Lincoln. They are a frequent stop at the 1st Friday Art Walk and art is sold. The Arts & Culture program has its own website here.

OSLP’s Inclusion and Employment Program helps disabled folks find job and learning opportunities (paid and volunteer). There are many success stories and the businesses get just as much out of the relationships as the workers.

All are encouraged to get involved and include in their lives a place for an individual with a disability. There are great business opportunities including just hanging artwork in your office.

Clients find OSLP through referrals by service organizations, parents, etc. OSLP is 95% funded from state contracts. Additional donations and funds raised are used for enrichment services & events that state funding does not cover.

OSLP has a large economic footprint in our community. Currently 81 individuals are served through the Residential and Group Home programs but many other agencies and individuals access the other programs.

Check out the attached video from OSLP.

Visit the OSLP website by clicking here.