Eugene Southtowne Rotary is a service club of committed members partnering with Rotary International to provide support in service to local and worldwide communities through truth, fairness, goodwill, and better friendships, beneficial to us all.

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Attention Members!

Just a reminder that tomorrow's meeting will be at 687 Cheshire Ave Eugene, OR 97402.

The mission of Willamette Family is to provide readily accessible, quality mental health and substance abuse/ addiction care for men, women, youth, and families in an atmosphere that promotes compassion, respect and well-being for all.

See you there!

This past week Lauren was able to get back into his Cleveland Street warehouse following completion of several moths of remodeling by St Vincent. During this period, materials continued to come in forcing everything into a small storage at the mission.

Come moving day- last Thursday afternoon- Southtowne Rotarians Jantzen Lloyd, Jim Anderson and Dennis Blaine came to the rescue! After several vehicle loads, a lot of boxes and numerous trips up a flight of stairs, most of the materials were relocated.

It would not have happened without their help---Thanks to all!

The Cleveland facilitiy allow materials to be sorted and displayed for visitors to see what we have and find what they need for their trips abroad. The next work party will be sorting all those boxes that were moved. If you are able to help out please contact Lauren or Frank. Thanks again to Jantzen, Jim and Dennis for their hard work and heavy lifting.

"Women rolled up their sleeves and put their construction skills to the test. For the first time this year, women worked every day of the week.

More than 100 volunteers jointed together to work on a home for Ursula Jimenez and her two children who are currently residing in a crowded living situation." 

See the whole story on the KMTR website!

Stay tuned for more information on group build days for Southtowne this spring and summer.

Don't forget that you can sign up as an individual volunteer through Habitat's new online calendar and sign-up matrix. Just go to:

This year's exchange team is from District 3010 India in Delhi

  • The leader (and everyone on the team as well) is from the Rotary Club of Delhi South East and they have 145 members
  • They meet Friday evenings in a five star hotel (Grand Hyatt) in Delhi
  • They say that India has some of the most beautiful clubs
  • They have been in Portland, Bend, Rogue Valley, Coos Bay, and now Eugene
  • Their visit to Oregon has been a wonderful experience. 
  • They are staying with the O'Leary family
  • In most homes in India, several generations live together and this is a tradition
  • There are more than 84,000 deities in India and most are female
  • There are 1.3 billion people in Delhi and most are of younger ages

One of the team members is a gentleman who studied to be a Chemist, became a Marketing Executive, then a Banker and now owns two businesses. He is widowed since 1985 and has two grown sons.

Another couple expressed having a wonderful experience on this trip and especially staying with the families instead of in hotels. They noted how warm and caring the hosts have been. 

Another couple have been involved with Rotary for 25 years.

The leader is involved in the textile/fabric industry.

We are all invited to India. Their homes are open. India is a country of hospitality. Come ride an elephant to the palace.

Camille is recruiting a team to travel to India in January 2016 if you are interested.

Here is a link to District 3110:

Here is a link to the Rotary Club of Delhi Southeast:

The supply department at PeaceHealth referred Dr. "Binny", MD (not his full name) to Rotary for a connection for source of urgent supplies to take to Kathmandu, Nepal. I happened to be at RiverBend at the time and we met and made arrangement to meed Saturday and go through our supplies at both Eugene Mission and also the Cleveland warehouse. His response at Cleveland was "this is incredible". "Binny" is the perfect connection. He's a native of Nepal and works at RiverBend as an Intensive Care Doctor. He understands Trauma cases and knows the exact supplies needed to treat them. He found a lot of special procedure kits in our stock that will likely save some lives, plus a lot of typical items for emergency care. We loaded his SUV and a second car. Do to the tragedy in Nepal the airlines will let him take 300 pounds of checked baggage.

He could still use more of the following:

  • Sutures all types
  • Casting material all types for broken arms & legss
  • Medications expired out of date may be OKAY

If any of you have connections with any of the above, contact Lauren.

Retired Lane County Circuit Court Judge Jim Hargreaves recently returned to Eugene after spending a year as a member of the judiciary in Kosovo under an agreement between the Kosovo government and the European Union. He worked as both a trial court judge and a judge of the Kosovo Court of Appeal. His area of assignment was major criminal cases, including government corruption, organized crime, and serious violent crimes.

Judge Hargreaves spoke today about some of the many challenges of judging in a legal system in which he had no previous experience:

  • Kosovo is highly corrupt with a strong interweaving of organized crime in government.
  • As a result, judges and prosecutors were unlikely to pursue cases involving many of the higher ups or particularly heinous crimes. Therefore, Judge Hargreaves was assigned to those cases - the cases noone else wants to be involved with.
  • There were 10 other judges involved from Europe and America. 
  • There were a lot of times they had to just do the best they could either because they could not find any Kosovo law for guidance or that the law was so confusing that they couldn't figure out how to apply it. There were no formal processes and only one very small book to guide them on how to approach these cases and practice law in Kosovo.
  • Here, prosecutors, defendants talk to each other outside the courtroom in preparation for the case. They are required to share evidence. In Kosovo, they do not. They don't talk at all.
  • Also, here judges are not informed about the case prior to presiding over it. There, the judge oversees everything and knows everything prior to the court date. The judge runs the trial completely. If there are witnesses that should have been called, or evidence that should have been seen, it is the judge's fault. 
  • Here, 90% of criminal cases never see trials. Deals are cut and presented to judges. In Kosovo, if a prosecutor files charges, the case will go to trial. There's no such thing as dismissing a case regardless of how ridiculous the prosecution's case is.
  • Nothing is published.
  • Kosovo was Muslim but that was never an issue.
  • They were transported to court in armored vehicles and thought this was excessive until about 4 months in, there was an incident involving an AK-47. Otherwise, they felt quite safe.
  • The "beyond a reasonable doubt" standard applied to the Kosovo system as well.
  • The code book they followed was written by an American based on European law, translated in to Albanian, then translated back in to English. 
  • The entire year of his time there, all cases were translated. He never learned Albanian or Serbian. Often lawyers disagreed with the translations in the trial.
  • Overall, the experience was incredible and he feels despite all the challenges, people received justice.

Progress Update:

  • Tree and stump removal at the site is complete;
  • Foundation work is happening this week
  • Concrete will be poured on Friday; a week from Friday will be the first inspection
  • A fence has been built between the adjacent lot and Ursala’s house
    • In kind:
      • We already have a plumber, electrical, excavation, gravel and a roof
      • We still need: drywall, cabinets, counters, windows, insulation and flooring
  • Habitat has 50+ women signed up for the Women’s Week Build. Our club will be represented by Susie Hanner, Pat Harding, Linda Carnine. Grace Widdicombe and Joelle Goodwin. Thank you so much!
  • Southtowne will be responsible for delivering lunch for the volunteers on Saturday, May 2. If you are interested in helping please contact Nancy Meyer.
  • Stay tuned for the days that Southtowne will be working at the site. All group scheduling will occur after the Women’s Build since right now there is a big push to make this week a success. You are encouraged to volunteer individually at any time by going online to the Volunteer Matrix at http://sehabitat. .
  • Orientation April 30: Every volunteer must complete a waiver and emergency contact form even if you are delivering food—Habitat wants to track where volunteers are from and your hours. Forms will be available at the meeting this week and next. At the end of the meeting on April 30, Amy Keir from Habitat will do a short 10-15 minutes orientation.

March 29th ground breaking of our Habitat for Humanity home

Habitat for Humanity and Southtowne Rotary joined together for a groundbreaking ceremony on Sunday, March 29th. Southtowne will partner with three other local Rotary Clubs (Delta, Metro and Twin Rivers) to build a house for Ursula Jimenez and her two children, Ishmael and Haley. For Ursula and her family this is a dream come true!

Representatives from each club met this week to talk about communication and the coordination of volunteers. Information about volunteer opportunities and progress on the house will be shared in a variety of ways:

  • You will have weekly announcements at our meetings and progress updates in the SpinOff. (A special note of thanks to Joelle for volunteering to be an official photographer for this build…thank you, Joelle!)
  • You can subscribe to the Springfield Eugene Habitat blog by going to this link: Here you will find pictures and information about what is happening at the build.
  • For more photos and current information you can also visit Habitat’s Facebook page at:
  • We will also have pictures and updates on the Southtowne website and district DaCdb calendar.

There will be many opportunities in the following months to volunteer at the site working with fellow Rotarians from Southtowne and local area clubs. Habitat offers a short orientation, which is required for all volunteers. Normally, you would be asked to go to the Habitat office for a regularly scheduled meeting to complete this step in the process. However, Amy Keir, Habitat’s Volunteer Coordinator has offered to come to our meeting on April 9 and give us a short orientation after our regular meeting. You will be able to fill out the necessary paperwork at that time. There is a job for anyone who would like to help so everyone is included. You can pound nails, sweep, dig or prepare lunches for the crew just to name a few! We need your help to make Ursula’s dream a reality!

See our story on KVAL by clicking read more or clicking here.

On March 19th, Southtowne Rotary help a speech contest during their regular meeting. Three local high school students were asked to consider the Rotary Four-Way Test and apply it to a situation in their lives or in the world and speak about that for several minutes. The "winner" of this speech contest received a cash award and advanced to the next level of competition where they could win an even larger award/scholarship. The two runner ups received a lesser cash reward.

To review, the 4-Way test asks these 4 questions:

  1. Is it Truth?
  2. Is it fair to all concerned?
  3. Will it build goodwill and better friendships?
  4. Will it be beneficial to all concerned?

Here were some of the topics that were brought up:

Gene started the contest with a short story of when he tried to sneak out of his house to hang out with his friends. His speech focused on the importance of friendship in high school drawn from his own personal experiences. He also spoke about the struggle to decide between hanging out with friends and studying, but in the end, hard work now ensures that the future doesn't suffer.

Rachel went up next. She started her speech by repeating what she has often heard "It's okay to be different". Being different shapes and sizes is what makes people special and unique. She felt that even though she hears this, the media says otherwise. She uses the 4-Way Test to challenge that. She brings up important topics such as body image, self confidence and perceptions of beauty.

Carson ended the contest with his hilarious take on how teenagers as a group fail the 4-way test. Being a teenager himself, he admits that teenagers gossip about each other and make it hard for new people to fit in. Teenagers are "self-centered thrill seekers"! He concludes by speaking about how maturity, completing brain development can play an important role in these issues.

The students were judged by: Joelle, Ron, Andy, & Doug.

You can watch the whole contest on Vimeo here:

On the weekend of March 20th, Southtowners took "service above self" to a whole new level!

After living in a van with her 2 children for so long, a Headstart parent (with the help of Southtowners) was finally able to move into an apartment. In addition to moving, she was also in need of furniture for the apartment, including a couch, kitchen table, chairs, and 2 or 3 dressers. Many Southtowners donated furniture, time, lifting & delivery power to complete this effort.

Here is what they accomplished that weekend (barely beating the rain!):

  • Kathi picked up table and chairs from Habitat ReStore, then went to Nancy Hughes' and picked up two single beds (Mattresses and boxsprings). Kathi delivered the truckload, which included a microwave, to Melissa, 20 minutes before it started raining here! The children's father was there to help unload everything and Melissa worked hard at it too.
  • Lonny helped to pick up the hide-a-bed couch from Bert's house then stopped by to get the bed frames from Nancy to deliver to Melissa.
  • Terry donated and delivered 2-3 dresses and chairs.
  • Suzy (Nancy's daughter and her husband, Chris, helped to pick up a desk and a bookcase to deliver to Melissa's.

When Kathi spoke to Melissa after the mission was accomplished she was happy! She was in tears of gratitude, marveling over how wonderful everyone had been, collecting so much that she needed and delivering it. She plans to get her queen bed from St. Vinnie's in the next few weeks, but is happily sleeping on Bert's donated hide-a-bed until then. She says she now has everything she needs, and will contact me if she needs anything else.

What a great group of people! Thanks to everyone who donated and helped out. It takes a village to furnish a whole apartment.

Great job Southtowne!


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Rotary International is the world's first service club organization, with more than 1.2 million members in 33,000 clubs worldwide. Rotary club members are volunteers who work locally, regionally, and internationally to combat hunger, improve health and sanitation, provide education and job training, promote peace, and eradicate polio under the motto Service Above Self.

What Is Southtowne?

We are known in the Eugene/Springfield community as the “fun” club, where our members come to listen to engaging programs each week and are entertained by our spirited Sergeant-At-Arms. The ideal member for our club is someone who is passionate to help the youth in our community, and who enjoy positive business and personal camaraderie on a weekly basis.

Project Highlight: StoveTeam

In Latin America, millions of households are using either open fires or inefficient stoves to prepare food. The open fires are unsafe for women and children and smolder all day. Inefficient, non-vented and non-insulated cement block stoves produce smoke and use large quantities of wood.  Learn More...

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