In the 2016-17 year, Southtowne Rotary has committed to developing awareness of the various vocations our members hold. Our first off-site vocational visit was to Forrest Technical Coatings/Forrest Paint, where we toured part of their operation and learned more about the jobs that their many Rotarian employees hold. Four of our members are Forrest employees and there are others who belong to other Eugene clubs.

Forrest Paint was established in 1973 in Eugene, Oregon and is a family owned company. Recently, the company added the name Forrest Technical Coatings to reflect the many products they manufacture. Here is a statement about that from the company’s website:

As of February 2014, Forrest Paint Co. has adopted a new company logo along with the corporate brand name FORREST Technical Coatings.  This rebranding is a reflection of the company’s strategy and focus.  It is aligned with our commitment to advanced industrial products, solutions and support.  It also creates the opportunity to strengthen our portfolio of targeted sub-brands; for example, Stove Bright® by FORREST Technical Coatings.  The sub-brand Forrest Paint continues on in conjunction with our architectural products and retail business.

Mark Forrest shared that much of the company’s sales comes from a niche market they have related to high temperature paint and powder coatings and other care products for the hearth industry. These products are sold internationally.

Forrest’s team of chemists are continually working on more and more advanced products for various industries and one thing Forrest does well is customize products for a given product or industry.

Forrest offers both liquid and powder coatings. Powder coatings are safer, more environmentally-friendly, and can be used on any product that can be baked.

Learn more about Forrest Paint here.