Just in time for Easter, Brandy Gamoning, the Marketing Manager of NestFresh Egg gave an egg-cellent overview of what goes into producing eggs and how America’s egg farmers produce high quality, affordable, safe food for the folks in their communities. We learned that farmers have to make a number of important decisions about how they are going to care for their flocks.

Farmers can choose between different types of feed, living conditions, and hen housing, including cage free and free range. There are also a number of ways farmers manage the health and well-being of their hens. The farmers choose what is best for their hens because their main priority is raising happy healthy hens.

Once the farmers have done their job caring for the hens, the hens can do their job of laying eggs. After the eggs are laid, there are a number of processing steps that go into ensuring the quality of eggs and preparing them to be sold to consumers. These include refrigerating, washing, candling, weighing, sorting, and packing the eggs.

There have been innovations in egg agriculture that have made egg farmers more sustainable while helping farmers provide better, longer lives for their egg laying hens. Some innovations in processing machines have also helped to ensure the quality and safety of eggs while keeping them affordable.

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