Joe Potwora is running for the House of Representatives, 11th District. His opponent, Phil Barnhart, will be our speaker on October 27th. On his website, he says,

“I am committed to representing all Oregonians in HD 11 regardless of party affiliation. Increasing government transparency and accountability, and creating well-paying jobs are important to me. I was born and raised in Oregon, and I love this state. I am raising my children here and I fear that they won’t have the same quality of life and the opportunities that I had growing up. I know what life is like for young people trying to make a way for themselves in our state.”

The following are notes from his presentation:

  • Has been in the mortgage industry for 11 years and prior to that, banking. Has a masters in finance and is a Eugene native.
  • Served on the City of Eugene’s finance committee.
  • Feels everyone is not being represented equally in his district.
  • Wants to investigate ways to improve the high school graduation rate in our state.
  • Wants to improve transparency in the state government. Feels there is no need with social media & other communication vehicles for citizens to not know what’s going on.
  • Wants to make Oregon a better place to make a living.
  • Would like to introduce legislation that puts a mandatory waiting period for citizens to weigh in.
  • Would like to review, amend and in some cases repeal current legislation by looking at it against whether or not it is helpful to promote jobs and helps the economy.
  • Does not support measure 97 because it does not require that the money raised goes to education, healthcare and senior services as is currently being advertised, and it is the single largest tax increase in any state’s history.
  • Oregon spends about $9k per student, which is in the upper half of what is spent nationally. Joe feels the money may not be spent the way it should be. He doesn’t know how yet, but he would like to look at it.
  • Independent and Republican Candidate but does not follow party lines.
  • Has no experience actually working on legislation.
  • Feels that many politicians are not connected enough to the people and what they want, particularly in his district.
  • Doesn’t think additional legislation on gun rights will help with crime but would support efforts to remove guns from the hands of criminals.
  • Doesn’t think wages in Eugene should necessarily be the same as Portland and would not vote on minimum wage legislation without speaking to business owners, constituents, economists, etc. Plans to do his research before supporting or opposing any future legislation.
  • Presents himself as a regular guy who is willing to take a seat at the table and talk with people about each issue to represent what is wanted, and what is right in the constituent eyes.