Latino Professionals Connect (LPC) offers a place where a diverse group of business owners, leaders, educators, community advocates, and non-profit organization professionals can exchange information and network in a no-pressure environment.

Ashley Espinoza counts as her greatest accomplishment co-founding and leading Latino Professionals Connect, a networking group that offers a space for professionals and business owners to foster authentic relationships, learn from one another, and build social capital. She was appointed by the Governor’s office to serve on the Commission on Hispanic Affairs, the first person from Lane County in over 10 years.

Latino Professionals Connect Highlights

  • Launched in 2016.
  • Latinos are sorely under-represented and lack social capital. It matters who you know. Do you know the rules of engagement? Getting outside of our own community to network with others is so important for growth.
  • Monthly get-togethers.
  • Spanish speakers, English speakers, Spanglish speakers…all are welcome.
  • Institutional support has been very strong.
  • Diverse guests and hosts.
  • Highlighting Latino professionals and putting them in the spotlight is important.
  • Knowledge share coffee meet-ups happen monthly for exchanging ideas and information.
  • Evening social events.
  • Relationship building, partnerships, and collaboration.
  • Examples of guests and hosts include local colleges and many local businesses and organizations.
  • The hope is a vibrant, welcoming, and diverse community with Latinos thriving in all levels of organization and government.
  • Proud to be part of the fabric of this community.

Latinos in Our Community

  • 9% of the population
  • 129% growth since 1999
  • One of every four students in Oregon is Latino
  • Spanish is the second most spoken language in the country
  • Sinde 1999-2019, there has been a net increase of 15,000 workers in Lane County. Of that 8512 are Hispanic.

Integration, understanding, acknowledgment is key to helping Latinos in our community. Be an advocate, be open-minded. Support Latino businesses and individuals wherever possible.

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