What began in the 1980’s as a curious engineer’s infatuation with improving the established bicycle wheel has evolved into one of the most innovative and successful bicycle component brands in the world.

In early 1996, Rolf licensed Trek Bicycle Corporation to manufacture and distribute his wheel designs under the “Rolf Wheels” brand name. In 2001 the five year project with Trek ended and in 2002 Rolf Prima was formed in Eugene, Oregon. Here, Rolf and his team continued to develop more products and produced several more patents that contributed to substantial improvements in strength, weight and aerodynamics. Today, Rolf Prima is owned by Brian Roddy.

All Rolf Prima wheel systems are hand-built in Eugene, Oregon using its numerous patents including its ground breaking paired spoke technology. Rolf Prima wheel systems were developed for top-level performance and are engineered to combine lightweight and aerodynamic performance.

Notes from presentation:

  • Rolf’s wheels were used by Lance Armstrong when he won one of his first Tours
  • Brian, an engineer, bought the company from Rolf, who is retired
  • Everyone who works there was able to make a career out of a hobby. It’s beneficial to have someone who rides create the wheels.
  • Prima sells wheels all over the world including a large distribution to Asia.
  • Owns patented technology that is state of the art. Keeping new ideas and technologies a secret is one of the challenges in this industry.
  • All testing is done in house
  • Has a sister company (Dark 30 Sports) that puts on events, like the Oregon Gran Fondo and Tri at the Grove, an award winning triathalon in Cottage Grove
  • Prima works with world recognized athletes

Visit Prima’s website for more information: https://www.rolfprima.com/