The Salmon Watch Program was represented as our program at Rotary today. Here are a few notes from the presentation:

  • Salmon Watch takes students on a field trip to where (and when) salmon are spawning, which is part of a larger curriculum. Often this is their first experience in the forests let alone around salmon.
  • Goals for Salmon Watch include giving kids experiences in the great outdoors and building respect for the environment and all life.
  • Salmon Watch tries to bring in the Native American perspective as much as possible.
  • Students are asked to complete a community service activity as part of the curriculum.
  • All of the Eugene and many Lane County school districts participate.
  • In 2015, 39 classes participated from 17 schools. 60 volunteers participated and Salmon Watch is always actively recruiting new volunteers.
  • The Salmon Watch curriculum includes a focus on Salmon biology, macro-invertebrates, water quality, rivers (riparian), and other environmental concerns. There are many included projects and activities that reinforce and support the curriculum and culminating field trip.
  • The Chinook or King salmon are doing very well right now.
  • Salmon Watch is looking for a few people to join their steering committee as well as for education volunteers. There are training sessions every August and October. Financial and in kind donations are welcome, as are recommendations to family, friends, colleagues, and teachers.