Part of the Southtowne Scholarship fund is set aside for some individuals who need an educational boost — to take the last credits that lead to a degree, a special certificate program or other educational expenses not covered by financial aid. Candidates are recommended by our partner agencies (like Head Start). Each fund recipient is assigned a mentor from Southtowne.

Sarah Andrews was one of our recipients. She spoke about poor decisions in her youth that led to addiction, criminal behavior and abusive relationships. She’d had two children taken away from her (they are being raised by her mom). She was estranged from her family and running from the law and at the point of a third pregnancy during one of the most abusive relationships of her life, decided to change her life.

She gave her life to God, stopped using, reconnected with her mother and had her baby. She went to prison and studied for her GED. After 10 months (reduced sentence), Sarah went through the Sponsors program and decided to continue her education. Southtowne sponsored a computer & some gap funding during the summer. Sarah also received help from Southtowne’s emergency fund for car repairs.

Sarah is almost finished with her education (3.9 GPA) and has been freelancing as a professional photographer and videographer. She shoots weddings and senior photos. Her capstone project for school was an incredible, emotional video/movie short about her story.

Sarah says that when she prayed for help, she believes that God sent her an army and that Southtowne was part of that army.

Sarah’s business is Love Lock Media. However, she was recently hired to a position with a marketing company in Coburg, OR that she’s very excited about and is a part-time employee of Lane Community College, as well.

Anyone can make donations to the Southtowne Scholarship fund, which covers stipends like what benefited Sarah, through the Southtowne Foundation.