The McKenzie River Trust was founded in 1989 and has grown in to a regional land trust, conserving and protecting more than 3400 acres of land in western Oregon. The vision is to sustain clean water, abundant fish and wildlife, and diverse natural resources forever. Joe Moll, Executive Director, presented at Southtowne Rotary about the Trust. Check out their website here:

McKenzie River Trust helps people to protect and care for the lands and rivers they cherish in western Oregon. They have 11 staff and cover a large part of Oregon noted on the map below.

They are a member of the National Land Trust Alliance, along with 1400 others. They acquire and manage land and acquire interest in property for conservation.

In addition to protecting and enhancing the land they serve, they help to connect people to the land. They also work to preserve and restore native vegetation, water cycles and other ecosystem elements.

Conservation Easements are placed on private properties to avoid harm to public resources. Easements permanently limit use of the land (often limiting new development) and are placed in cooperation with the private landowner, tailored to their needs.

Here’s a video to learn more about the McKenzie River Trust:

There are lots of events coming up where you can get involved & learn more & support the Trust’s efforts.

mckenzie river trust map