We are planning a great trip to Mexico, Feb 21 – 24, 2016, and are negotiating the details.

Most of you know that there are four 8 day trips to PA every year. Great trips. If you have not been, get online and consider booking one of them. Sally and I have been several times and would like to go again, but for a shorter time to work with their 80 + Amigo College graduates. I ask PA to schedule a shorter trip with emphasis on their professional graduates. Essentially, I ask them to pick us up on the 21st and return us on the 25th to both airports. This lets us schedule a vacation before or after the PA visit.

Great vacation places from Manzanillo and Guadalajara – At PA, you will see past students, both at home and work, and meet with them while they explore how they can better communicate and use their talents. Also, the many other PA kids and projects – I am you asking to consider reserving a place. The base cost should be less then $2000 – $700 air, $600 PA. I will keep a list while we finalize plans, update you, and provide vacation contacts in Mexico. We need at least 8-10 people and can accommodate more.

Dick Briggs

Also from Project Amigo…
We received an online copy of a news sheet from San Miguel de Allende titled Atencion. The news sheet is the online face for La Biblioteca in San Miguel. This edition had a story entitled “Rotarians Unite for Community Good and Fellowship” and focused on the trip to San Miguel by members of Southtowne as well as a few spouses. Trip participants were described as having a very positive affect on the community as they helped at Escuela de Educacion Especial (School for Special Education), attending the San Miguel Mid-day Club and toured Canada de la Virgen pyramid. The story closed with “This is the fourth visit to San Miguel initiated by the Southtowne Eugene Oregon Rotary Club, and we truly hope that they will visit many more times.”

Good job Southtowners!