Dr. Guy Higashi is the president of New Hope Christian College in Eugene.

  • The college was first established in 1925 and next year will be celebrating its 100th annivesary!
  • New Hope has its main campuses in Eugene and Honolulu but also has partnerships with campuses in Taiwan and Myanmar and a full online program.
  • There are about 225 students at the Eugene campus and about 200 at the Honolulu campus.
  • The college is fully accredited and has many 2-year and 4-year programs available.
  • Most programs revolve around Biblical Studies and Theology but there are many others offered including Business Administration and Crisis Response.
  • Dr. Higashi has been in Oregon for three years and travels back to Hawaii several times a year to see family. He has four children and four grandchildren.
  • He recently was in Hawaii helping his aging parents and the topic of leaving a legacy came up. Dr. Higashi encouraged everyone to live a life that will make a positive impact!
  • Christian Education is important in America because it has helped shape our country and where we are today.
  • Many of the largest campuses in the US were founded as Christian institutions: Harvard, Yale, Princeton to name a few.
    It allows the students to develop their world view in a safe and positive environment