In a time of worldwide shifts and unexpected changes, one of our biggest challenges can be a closed mind. Our guest speaker, Barry, suggests that through cultivating a learner’s mindset, knowing ourselves, and utilizing the medical model, we can respond more effectively to changes in our lives.

The Value of Having a Learner’s Mind

A beginner’s mind sees many possibilities while the expert’s mind sees few. When we accept that there is more we can learn, we open ourselves up to seeing opportunities, and we stimulate our curiosity. To thrive in the unknown, we need to recognize that we don’t know everything and meet the present moment with an open mind.

Know Thyself

Knowing thyself is the combination of what we think we know, what our values are, and what is happening right now. By studying these areas and how they overlap, we can gain new perspectives and insight towards meeting our needs.

The Medical Model

The medical model can be used to save us from needless distress. It is composed of four steps, that together create the acronym S.A.V.E. These steps are to Study the symptoms of distress, Ascertain the causes, Visualize the cure, and Enact the steps to the cure. 

When Coming Up With A Cure, Seek Wisdom

By knowing ourselves better, we gain insight into what needs of ours are not being met. In his own life, Barry recognized three critical needs that correlated to the symptoms of his distress. These were the needs to create, connect, and contribute.

The Five Steps To Enact A Cure

The first step towards enacting a cure is Silence. As Barry notes, when entering silence, thinking is bound to happen, which is often not very fun. The second step is listening and letting go. Barry encourages us to check in with ourselves about where we’re at and cautions us not to believe everything that we think.

Next is remembering what values are most important to us. We turn our focus towards these values with a self-compassionate attitude. After this, we practice, and lastly, it is time to teach others.

Applying The Medical Model In Our Personal Lives

As our personal lives are sure to have changed due to the global pandemic, most of us are amidst new and unfamiliar situations. Using the medical model described by Barry is an excellent way to address issues in your own life in a positive and productive manner. We encourage you to study the symptoms of distress, ascertain the causes, visualize the cure and enact steps to the cure.

Keep Practicing

As life happens and keeps happening, Barry reminds us to check-in with ourselves and find solutions to meet our needs. He encourages us to cultivate a learner’s mind, know thyself, and use the medical model to prevent needless distress.

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