Project Amigo is a non-profit organization whose goal is to help poor rural children in the west-central state of Colima, Mexico achieve the education and skills they need to lift themselves and their families out of generations of poverty, and to build better and stronger communities. It also provides safe hands-on service opportunities in Colima for Rotarians and their families.

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Highlights of this update:

  • Project Amigo works to eliminate one of the main causes of poverty by helping bright students attain a higher education.
  • The scholarship program began in 1995 with only 7 students. Today, 325 students are being helped by the scholarship programs.
  • Project Amigo helps students of all ages, ranging from kindergarten to college.
  • Students from the villages served normally would not go to school beyond 6th grade. Most do not have access to modern conveniences like running water, stoves, refrigerators, electricity, etc.
  • Project Amigo provides school registration fees, transport to school, uniforms and shoes, school supplies, and hot meals as part of the scholarships.
  • In Mexico, only 5% of students who begin college get a degree as opposed to 94% who have scholarship through Project Amigo.
  • 59 of Project Amigo students have graduated from the University.
  • Casa Amiga hosts 19 students in Colima while they study at the University.
  • One example is a woman who joined Project Amigo at 7 years old. She is now a doctor and manages the biggest clinic in Colima. Project Amigo helped her all the way through all of her education.
  • Another benefit of Project Amigo that Southtowne and Rotary supports is for students to purchase new clothing for interviews. New clothing is not something these students receive often (if ever).
  • Project Amigo also provides fun trips and experiences outside their villages. This, in fact, is how Project Amigo started. This motivates them to want to learn.