Greg and Kieran Walsh are both Shelter Box Ambassadors and members of Delta Rotary in Eugene. They have been representing Shelter Box in District 5110 since early 2014. Shelter Box is an International Relief Organization based in Cornwall, England that is sponsored by Rotary International. Relief supplies may include shelter, sleeping items and cooking utensils as needed following major disasters. Such disasters include earthquakes, flooding, hurricanes, etc.


Notes from Kieran’s presentation:

ShelterBox fills a gap in aid provision.

There are 60 employees and hundreds of volunteers. Highly trained ShelterBox response team volunteers work diligently to ensure these emergency supplies reach the most vulnerable families and communities.

ShelterBox provides assistance in terms of proper shelter to help survivors through the first few days, weeks and months as they rebuild their lives.

Each ShelterBox  typically contains:

  • a custom-made tent designed to withstand extreme temperatures with built in mosquito screens, privacy screens, and good ventilation
  • thermal blankets and insulated ground sheets
  • water purification equipment
  • a multi-fuel stove and cooking/eating equipment
  • a basic tool kit
  • children’s packs with drawing books, crayons, and pens

In Malyasia, during intense monsoon rains which are causing the worst floods in decades, the first ShelterBox volunteers arrived in late December to assist with assessment and distribution. One team established a camp with 100 tents, water availability, kitchen and toilet facilities. The team worked with local authorities and councils to form a coordinated response and were able to establish the camp in three days. They were able to pass on their knowledge and experience in creating and managing the camps long-term.

In Haiti, 200,000 families were taken care of by ShelterBox. Since then, another 100,000 replacement tents were sent.

How you can help:

  • donating – $1000 pays for one box including it’s assembly and delivery and the staff/volunteers needed to manage the program
  • fundraising – rally support and coordinate an event to buy a box
  • volunteering – ShelterBox relies on volunteers to help fulfill the mission.

The boxes stay in the communities including the box to be reused as needed. The tents will last up to 3 years.