Doug Mozan began his normally 60-minute program (on June 6th) on “What to Do if you Encounter an Active Shooter” with only about 10 minutes to present. Since the message was so important, and so well received, we brought him back to try to complete his presentation. This information could save your life or the life of a loved one.

Highlights of the presentation:

ALICE stands for Alert, Lockdown, Inform, Counter, and Evacuate

This is a different acronym that is similar to Run, Hide, Flight that we learned in Captain Mozan’s previous presentation.

ALERT: Make the problem known.

LOCKDOWN: Barricade. Be a Harder Target.

INFORM: Call 911, try to empower others to get the word out.

COUNTER: Your bad guy is LIKELY not a skilled shooter. A little distraction lowers a shooter’s hit ratio. Make noise, throw objects, distract, swarm (overpower the bad guy), etc.

EVACUATE: If you can get out, get out. If he is inside, get out.

An incident can happen anywhere. Get the word out, inform your employees. Have a plan in place for your building. Organize a workshop if you can. Hands on training is available. We need to move past hiding under tables and holding our breath.

There is ongoing training happening in local schools and government agencies.

How to talk to kids:

Nobody has a right to hurt you. You have a right and responsibility to keep safe. Go the opposite way of trouble. Watch the attached video made by middle school students.