Soon to be a new project for Southtowne Rotary, ECCO is an alternative high school located at LCC. It was established for students who need a different learning environment because of homelessness, extreme poverty, trauma, pregnancy/teen parenting, etc.

Most kids are either poorly attending school or not attending school. Getting them back to school and having a place where they can reconnect and access resources, catch up, and then transition back to their home high school, has worked best for most of these students. High School aged students through age 21 are served.

There are programs for students who have not been in school for awhile and need extra counseling and support. The over-arching ideal is that all students deserve an equitable educational opportunity so that all students in Eugene 4J leave high school with the skills to be successful in their choices of career and/or college.

Eugene Education Options:

  • ECCO High School in the Main LCC Campus, Building 10

  • ECCO GED in the Downtown LCC Campus, Room 303

  • ECCO Reconnections Center in the Downtown LCC Campus, Room 310

Documents Day

Many of the students need documents like a birth certificate or social security card and other resources that they do not have access to or cannot afford. They need these documents to qualify for some resources and education options. These kids have no support or live in a culture that does not support obtaining these documents without help.

Those who help with Documents Day also support a student (or more) as they move through the process toward getting their Oregon ID, as a mentor and supporter.

If you are interested in helping:

  • ECCO Volunteer Training is Wednesday, October 10 at 2pm in the Downtown LCC Campus, Room 303. Please complete a 4J Background Check online prior to the meeting.
  • ECCO Documents Day is Wednesday, October 24, 11am-2pm in the Downtown LCC Campus, Room 303

Contact Julia Johnson for more information (call/text): 541-649-2646