The First Annual PTSD Symposium, which is the first major event of the Kim Sticka PTSD Music & Arts Foundation, will be held July 21, 2018. This is the first major event of the foundation which was established to inform our community about combined efforts to better address needed solutions for youth trauma issues.

Kim Sticka was a probation officer for five years in Marion County, OR. It was the goal of Kim and her father to research and promote new treatment methods for PTSD using music and art therapy methods. When she died, her father, Ron Sticka, formed the foundation in his daughter’s honor.

The PTSD Symposium  will be the first event of its kind to give the public an opportunity to hear from various experts about PTSD and developments to assist people suffering its effects. It will be held at the John G. Shedd Institute for the Arts and is fully funded and free to attendees.

PTSD is trauma-related from a variety of causes. The program will offer guidance and opinions about prevention, preparation for trauma, and the various forms of therapy in practice and under development, including sample demonstrations. Ron Sticka will explain his theories for researching the possible benefits of combining multiple art forms into beneficial therapy regimens. Other experts in various fields of research, therapy, and treatment will be present to share their views.

Ron Sticka has been applying some of his theories and therapies at Jasper Mountain, an organization that provides a continuum of programs that meets the needs of emotionally disturbed children and their families.

Learn more about the Kim Sticka PTSD Foundation on their website as well as the Southtowne website.


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